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I am currently creating my own adventure game and I am stuck at one question: Which resolution do I need for my 2D background scenes?.
It should look decent on smaller and bigger displays.
Currently I am working with inkscape, krita and photoshop, but I am never sure wether size and resolution are ok.
Thanks for any help and tips!!! :)

I am currently planning on creating my own Point&Click Adventure and I thought Wintermute is a good choice for that. So I started playing around with the engine.
I want a 3D character model to move over a 2D background screen. But it would look odd, if it did not change size proportional to the "distance it moves away". Sure as it is not a 3D Room it can not really move away, but upwards and downwards and I need it to change size with that.
On top of that I will be working with different camera angles on my 2D backgrounds or different perspectives, so I need different views on my 3D model as well.
Can these plans be realized with Wintermute Engine or is it too much?

I am thankfull for every answer and anyone who wants to help. ;)

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