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Author Topic: Guess the demographic ...  (Read 784 times)

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Guess the demographic ...
« on: October 01, 2015, 03:55:58 AM »

 hello all, newbie here.   couple of questions.
  1)  pick any ( or a couple of) Wintermute games and try to guess which demographic you think
      it was most successful in and why ??
      I pick the Art of Murder (City Interactive) - even though it has a female lead I think because it has an action feel
                                 to it,  Males over 25 might be their demographic.

      Lost Crown (by Darkling Room) -  definitely a cult following AND I would guess female under 30
                                  (having a Ouija board in a game is a sure winner for a cult following  !! )

 2) Do you think it's possible to hold the audience attention in an adventure game,  that does not involve a dead person.

     I don't believe it's possible.   Even when I play adventure games, if it doesn't  involve someone dying I will probably lose   
     interest.       I use to try and convince myself that a happy go lucky game full of cotton candy and buttery popcorn
     would hold my interest - it won't.
a point and click <a href="" target="_blank">adventure game[/url] I wrote. 
It's a mixture of Drama and Dark fantasy,  set in a small town.

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