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Technical forum / Re: Entity act on another scene
« on: March 18, 2006, 01:31:31 PM »
To Gajdy: please try your code snippets first, otherwise you can really confuse newcomers with
incorrect code.

Im sorry, this was just an idea. Im sorry again :).

Technical forum / Re: Entity act on another scene
« on: March 18, 2006, 11:29:18 AM »
Hi,everybody.I really need a help,so I'll try to explain my problem.
I've got two scene.In one scene there's an entity called "talpa",in the other there's an entity called "buco",set as if it is not active.When I talk to "talpa" I want the object "buco" on the other scene to become active.How can I do this?Sorry for my english!


you have got two entities, talpa, and buco. Buco is not active, and if you talk to talpa, you want to become active buco. Ok, open the talpa script and make like this:

the talpa script
Code: [Select]
#include "scripts\"

global buco2;

// enter some code here
buco = true;

and the buco script
Code: [Select]
#include "scripts\"

global buco2; // you will need create this global variable into this script and into talpa script of entity file
var Entbuco = Scene.GetNode("buco"); // this name must be the same as you entered in SceneEdit script

if(buco2 == true)
¦nbsp; ¦nbsp; ¦nbsp;buco.Active = true;

I`m sorry for my English, but I`m from Slovakia:). I hope that will help you.

Technical forum / Re: Problem with sound package
« on: March 15, 2006, 04:24:52 PM »
In my game I have "sound" folder as a separate package. The folder contains subfolders "music" and "sfx". When I run the game from the project manager everything's OK. But when I compile the game and then run it there is no sound, although the sound.dcp exists.

How can I solve this problem?

EDITED: Just noticed that the compiled game also uses Arial font instead of one that I assigned. :o


probably you set the full path name of the sound file. In the Project Manager it is goes fine, but if you compiled game, this wonť be run. See the following script:

Code: [Select]
// we want to play the sound file from package called "sound"

You donť need to set the full path name of package, but only the folder wich package contains and the file name. See the documentation for more information :).

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