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Author Topic: Wintermute suggestions.  (Read 7590 times)

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Wintermute suggestions.
« on: July 15, 2011, 06:55:10 PM »

Hi Mnemonic,

 From my perspective as a creator of digital art'll give you some tips that I think would help improve Wintermute in future versions.

 1 .- 3D Actors: Is it possible to soften the shift-change Direction of the characters?
 When the player starts up is also too abrupt movement. How stops at the end of the journey is the same, slams on the brakes. If you could soften to have a small acceleration when you start walking and deceleration when stopping would be perfect.

 2 .- Scene Scrolling : You can soften the beginning and end?
 Like the actors, the scene scrolling would also need a small acceleration and deceleration at the beginning to the end.

 If Wintermute is improved in these 2 areas, Wintermute games created with much improved visual quality.

 Thank you for your attention. ::wave

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