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Feature requests, suggestions / IsWalking()
« on: January 28, 2004, 09:17:30 PM »

the subject is the message.  ;)

A new method "IsWalking" analog to "IsTalking" would be very helpful to check if any "GoToAsync()" method is still active for some entity/actor.
(Yes, I discovered that after my dynamic shadow answer...)

Or did I miss something ?

Thanks, Jerrot.

General Discussion / Homepage
« on: December 29, 2003, 06:09:04 PM »

BTW: the dead-code/wme homepage is available in German now and translated docs are in progress (sloooow progress...  ::) ) !

General Discussion / Merry christmas!
« on: December 24, 2003, 11:56:45 AM »
Merry, merry christmas to all of you !!

Best wishes to you, your families and friends!
May this holiday season be filled with peace, contentment and
adventure ideas for all of you!


Game announcements / The Curves Of Danger
« on: December 23, 2003, 01:25:14 AM »

I hope irbrian excuses me announcing The Curves Of Danger... :)

Check the news on and make sure to check the teaser site and the great screenshots.


Scripts, plugins, utilities, goodies / Managing multiple inventories
« on: December 19, 2003, 03:10:19 PM »

this question came several times and although it will be implemented in a future version of WME, the script solution is quite easy.

I'll write it quite "straight", of course you can create a far more comfortable function of it. In this example we have two inventories - for Peter and Paul. And of course you have to make those internal inventories (inv_Peter / inv_Paul) global !

Code: [Select]
// We need some variables...

var counter, counter2, amount;
var inv_Peter = new Array();
var inv_Paul = new Array();

// Peter is the current actor, so this becomes his inventory:


// And this will be the default inventory for Paul, assuming
// we didn't play with him yet.

inv_Paul[0] = "book5";
inv_Paul[1] = "book6";
inv_Paul[2] = "book7";
inv_Paul[3] = "book8";

// okay, now we switch from Peter to Paul.
// let's truncate the internal inventory of Peter,
// fill it with the current items and clear the
// current game inventory

inv_Peter = null;
amount = Game.NumItems;
for(counter=0; counter<(amount); counter=counter+1)
  inv_Peter[counter] = Game.GetItem(0);

// now we just fill up the (currently empty) game inventory with the
// internal inventory of Paul

for(counter2=0; counter2<counter; counter2=counter2+1)

// done.

Not too beauty, but should work fine.


General Discussion / Off
« on: December 15, 2003, 02:58:02 PM »
Duh, my company misunderstood something - and canceled my phone line (+DSL!). I just wondered why my phone is dead, damn!

I guess the line will be dead quite soon, too... so don't wonder if I'm away for some time now. :(

CU soon I hope!

Scripts, plugins, utilities, goodies / WeatherGod 0.2 (real time snow/rain)
« on: December 12, 2003, 01:25:11 AM »
Hiya Wintermutees,

ok, you want snow or rain in realtime ? Here it is. It's not really what I wanted it to be, but I just had a nice conversation with Mnemonic in our IRC channel, which was kind of frustrating for me, therefore I'm not that motivated to continue this little experiment anymore. (It's not his fault though ! ;) )

While rewriting my old snow script, I always had in mind, how easy it could be if there already were video entities, so I could just use a rendered snow video with an alpha channel and display it in background and foreground. Does there ring a bell ?

... well of course: you can do this already. Just do it as animated sprite in a layer. No idea why I didn't even think of it.

General Discussion / online rate increases!
« on: December 08, 2003, 10:28:01 PM »
wow, 2 guests and 5 users online. on a monday evening.  :o

thought it was worth another useless thread. ;)

Software and games / Gabriel Knight 3
« on: November 22, 2003, 12:35:03 AM »
So finally I got it (the German version) ! I just started and configured it, so now it looks much better than at my first attempt. But I've got some problems and I'd be interested if someone knows them:

1) Only a few sentences are actually spoken. I wondered all the time about that red mouse pointer when I tried to investigate something. The solution was to activate the subtitles, there was text. Strange.  :(

2) First scene - after investigating my room, I left it and went downstairs. I found a bowl with sweeties or something similiar. I try to pick them up and - the game crashes.  >:( Compatibility mode does NOT work.

Damn! Bought three games on one day - and the only one that was not disappointing is "Sims - Making Magic" for my girl friend.

Software and games / Broken Sword 3
« on: November 14, 2003, 08:45:07 PM »

No review yet, I'm currently installing.

Oh, and Mnemonic - I found and (bought!) something else in my local computer store: Gabriel Knight 3 !

For 3 Euro.  8)

Game design / New download! :-)
« on: November 09, 2003, 12:52:30 AM »
Hiya Wintermutees!

Yeah, I'm alive and back. And even better - I'm back working on our adventure game!  ;D

Today we finally decided to continue that orchestra style for most of our game music - and I found some hours to create a first musical sketch for a planned game part today, too. It's not finished yet and not mastered at all, but that's why it's called sketch. ;)

So what - download those 1:22 minutes. I recommend to adjust the volume to "as-loud-as-in-the-cinema", heh! :)

Check this! (1.28 MB)

Comments are welcome.

Greetings, Jerrot.

EDIT: new link
EDIT: new link - again!

General Discussion / AGAST Morningstar 1.1a released
« on: August 24, 2003, 12:14:15 PM »

after a long time the new AGAST version was released today, welcome to DirectX support finally. If you did not already decide for an engine, don't miss a look on it.

Technical forum / Easter Egg ?
« on: August 08, 2003, 10:50:20 AM »
Hi everybody,

without any comments !  :D

Create a new project using the basic project or just load the WME demo.
Use the ProjectMan to look-up :

actors -> molly -> dd -> talk -> 05.bmp

I'm pretty sure it's NOT used in the demo...

General Discussion / IRC... again!
« on: August 01, 2003, 02:38:28 PM »

i just registered an IRC channel called #wme on StarChat-Net.

there are several servers in different countries, if you don't have them in your favorite IRC program, just use one of the following servers:

if you are familiar with IRC you might know you can register your nickname as well. use the command "/MSG NICKSERV REGISTER [email] [password]" for this feature. (without the brackets, replace "[email]" by your e-mail, etc.)

see ya - maybe! :)

General Discussion / Monkey Island 2 outtakes
« on: July 31, 2003, 04:20:51 PM »
LOL! Enjoy these 6 "outtakes" in Flash. *cough*


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