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General Discussion / Wintermute an engine limited to slow paced games?
« on: November 04, 2016, 03:53:26 AM »
Hi, i am opening here this topic as i dont think it would be apropriate to ask this questions on a technical area, since i believe its more oriented for specific actions using the editor.

Anyway, i am working to create an action/adventure game;

- allready got story structure script written
- Allready have some 2d character and background sketches
in the last 2 days i have been reading the tutorial book from Jan "metamorphium" Kavan wich i allready read substancial part of it...
its clear for me know, that this engine it suit the design of the backgrounds and the characters the way i want...

my only doubt, is... how far have people used this thing in bringing a game that is not just a point and click, mouse based adventure...
and changed its configuration to be used with a keyboard and mouse, being the keyboard the movement source and the mouse function
destinated for combat and reactive actions...

are there any examples of how to implement such thing?

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