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General Discussion / Re: #600 - The unofficial introduce-yourself thread
« on: December 07, 2007, 02:21:35 AM »
- Im 20
- Kaiserslautern, Germany ::beer
- I dont know how to say it in english but working for a Lawyer
- Overclocked (~made in germany~ ;)), Discworld and Baphomets Fluch(i think... Broken Sword is the original name?! dont know)

Im Hobbydeveloper (PHP and C#(.NET))and my english is so bad ::slug. If i read something in english i understand it but wirting somethin in english is hard for me. Ill try my best, try to learn here and hope that you understand me .

My first Adventure ever was Maniac Mansion when i was a little cute child xD. And know i want to make my own Adventure. First i was using "Point and Click Development Kit" it is made by a German and is a very nice powerful, easy-to-use Adventuremaker but while i was developing my game i had some ideas wich i cant make with this tool. So i hope the Wintermute Engine gives me the Freedome i need :). That means that i have to make everthing new ... Wintermute is big and looks powerful and complex but its easy to learn and i like the Scriptlanguage :>.

1 Question: Is there any offical or inoffcial german Board about Wintermute out there?

Thanks for reading

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