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I also could help as my schedule allows. I have almost no WM experience yet -I just started looking at WM this past weekend. I do have previous experience as a reviewer of technical books.

Won't implement / Re: Scheduler
« on: December 09, 2007, 07:21:53 PM »
Thanks I'll do a search for 'game daemons' and am downloading other code samples from the forum to test out today.

I will probably take a crack at the event scheduler as I get more experience. It appealed to me, for some of the same reason that WM seems interesting, it is possible for a artist type to actually create some interactivity even with limited programming experience. In fact even a total noob could drop self contained "snow" script into their program and call it from an event scheduler like this and be able to walk through their world and view some interactive elements before they even hit the programming very hard.

Looking forward to seeing what this can do.

Won't implement / Scheduler
« on: December 09, 2007, 06:55:58 PM »
I just finished the scene tutorial yesterday so probably premature for me to suggest anything, but hopefully you'll forgive it if its dumb ...

One feature I liked, from a non-adventure game called Tropico, for scripting events was its events scheduler. The system kept track of years, months and days and you could simply add events to any one of the lists (monthly events, weekly events, yearly events) and they'd run. It was something like


So you could simply add stuff like this (pseudocode)

  Call NightToDay
  Call TurnOnStreetLights

  Call DayToNight
  Call TurnOffStreetLights

  Call AddGold

  If Month > 9 < 12 && PlayerIsOutside
    Call RandomWinterStorms
  Else NormalWeather

  If Year 2 Then Call TeleportToHiddenRoom

Hope this makes sense.

Technical forum / Re: Problem with walking animation
« on: December 09, 2007, 02:43:29 AM »
Hi. I am totally new here - just finished the first tutorial- but it did seem to me -on the 3d game demo at least-  that part of the problem might also be that the lead leg in the standing still position is also the leg taking the first step. For example the left leg is forward and then when the actor moves the left leg -which is already forward- is taking a step which is partially responsible for the glide. The opposite leg should take the first step. It may be that the first frame of the step animation should be what is called the passing position in a walk cycle with the leg that is forward in the standing still position being the contact leg.

General Discussion / Re: #600 - The unofficial introduce-yourself thread
« on: December 08, 2007, 09:20:02 PM »
Hi. New guy just exploring wintermute and working through the tutorial. So far I love the ease of use. I am hoping the programming will offer me a simple avenue to learn a c-like language. I have used various BASIC languages many years ago but the brain ain't what it use to be.


* where are you from?

* what is your occupation?
Flash illustration - a totally new occupation for me as I just went back to animation school in October 2005 and got my first creative job in May 2007. Never too late to follow up on your dreams ...

* what is your three favorite adventure games?
I can't name any. I've been studying and working multiple jobs for the past few years and haven't been able to play much. That's one of the reasons I'm here.

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