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AdventureX is a convention dedicated to Adventure ( and other narrative games e.g visual novels, interactive fiction, RPGs). We are now in our fifth year,  the convention has several parts; a talk room where various panels and talks talk place and an exhibition area where you can show off your games or go and play game demos and meet devs.

Sign ups are open for talks and exhibitors so if you're making an adventure game or have made one please consider signing up ( or poke your favourite devs to do so).  I don't think we've yet had a visionaire talk submitted.

We have a bunch of people fly in each year ( this year we have Americans, Germans, & Swedes all coming down so far!), so if anyone needs help finding accommodation let me know.

If you want idea of what goes in, a short film was shot in 2012:

AdventureX 2015
Sat Dec 12th and Sun Dec 13th 2015

Stuart Hall Building / New Academic Building
Goldsmiths University of London
Lewisham Way, New Cross, London SE14 6NW


Sponsored kindly by


Please Tweet about the event! Use hashtag #AdventureX

Please Like us on Facebook to receive news and alerts:

Doors open 10:00am. Show ends 5.30pm daily. Join us for drinks on Saturday night at a nearby pub!

Special Guests


Demos/games on show

Sanctuary Interactive
CBE Software s.r.o.
Infamous Quests
...more TBC

Other things:
On-site cafe serving tea, coffee & snacks
Free WiFi, disabled access (lifts) + toilets
Wide variety of shops, pubs + restaurants 5 mins from venue

...Floorplan, schedule and other info to be announced...

General Discussion / Adventurex 2014 - London December 6-7th
« on: November 18, 2014, 06:59:27 PM »
We're back again, I sword I'd posted for this year and saw I hadn't ( no slight against Wintermute honest!) Hope some of you can make it. If you hurry there may still be spaces to talk and exhibit left!

Free entry! AdventureX returns for its fourth year at a new location - South Bank University in London, this coming December 6+7th. It's an event for adventure game fans, game developers and those just curious. Creative people and companies of all types are invited, you'll bump into game developers, musicians and writers amidst a selection of interesting talks, special guests, game demonstrations and exhibitors. Get involved and deliver a talk, be an exhibitor or demonstrate a game - please use the application form on the official website. See you in December!
[a href=""][/a]

Special Guest: Jon Hare
Other speakers:
Mark Estdale ( voice director)
Subject TBA

Dave Gilbert
Shutup! Creating better dialogs with fewer words and Full Time Developer Survival Guide

Francisco Gonzalez
Do's and Dont's of writing in Adventure games

Jon Ingold
Workshop: creating story concepts fast (an interactive session -- bring a pen!)

Alasdair Beckett-King
Fun features TBA

Kevin Mentz
Story design in "Memoria"

Pieter Simoons
Subject TBA

[video src=""][/video]

I hope it's OK to post this here. I'm posting to let you know about the third AdventureX in London December 7-8th. AdventureX is a small community funded convention focused around adventure games and interactive storytelling . For those of you who can’t make it in person, we are hoping to livestream as much as we can. If anyone has something they’d like to exhibit ,a game they’d like to demo, or wants to give a talk on something game related then please get in touch via the site.

Most of the adventure games have been AGS based, so I thought it'd be neat if some Wintermute users were able to show some games too!

Entry and exhibition space are free so if you are unable to donate to the event you’re still welcome to come along and meet some cool people and play some games. However if you are able we ask you support the event by either purchasing a VIP card that gives you a bunch of games and refreshments at the event, donate,  or that you sponsor the event to promote your project or business.

Here's some more info from the site:

AdventureX returns for its third year at the University of East Anglia in London, early this coming December. It's an event for adventure game fans, developers and those just curious. Creative people and companies of all types are invited, you'll bump into game developers, musicians and writers amidst a selection of interesting talks, special guests, game demonstrations and exhibitors.

A little look at what to expect at the 2013 show on December 7th + 8th!

Video-game exhibitors, developers, publishers and related skills
Specialist talks on game design, adventure games & related subjects!
Game demonstrations and hands-on gaming!
Special guest talks and many other surprises!
Live web stream provided by Screen 7.

Special Guests so far:
Charles Cecil, Revolution Software
Steve Ince - Game writer ( Broken Sword etc etc)
Jon Ingold, Inkle Studios
Dave Gilbert, Wadjet Eye Games
Alasdair Beckett-King - Nelly Cootalot

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