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Technical forum / Using Point in the game
« on: June 15, 2003, 11:48:27 AM »
Is It possible too use a point in the game, for example, when i pick up a key i get 5 points, and so on.

I though that to accomplish this i had the make a "variable" called "points" and set it to "0" in the beginnening of the game. when an actions is done "var_points +5" (5 is refering to the pionts i ad to the action"

If this is possible can anyone tell me how to to this ?

Technical forum / Objects problem
« on: June 04, 2003, 12:27:02 PM »
Now i'm trying to but my first scene together, i ad the first object "Wallet" to the scene, and it works perfectly, when i take it, the icoon change and i can put it in the inventory, now the problem comes, i put an second object in the screen "handcuffs" the handcuffs works perfectly, but when i'm pick up the wallet i got an "script error" the wallet disapeers from the scenen, but the icoon won't change and it isn't placed in my inventory.

this is a copy of the log file :

13:12: ********** DEBUG LOG OPENED 04-06-2003 (Release Build) *****************
13:12: DEAD:CODE Games Framework ver 1.00 (Build 25), Compiled on Apr 21 2003, 16:54:22
13:12: Platform: Windows XP  (Build 2600)
13:12: DirectX version: 9.0
13:12: BugslayerUtil.dll is bound
13:12: Scanning packages...
13:12:   Registered 0 files in 0 package(s)
13:12: Initializing scripting engine...
13:12:   Script compiler 'dcscomp.dll' bound successfuly
13:12: Loading string table...
13:12:   0 strings loaded
13:12: Enumerating Direct3D devices...
13:12: Enumerating DirectDraw devices...
13:12: Enumerating DirectSound devices...
13:12: Available video devices:
13:12:   ASUS V8200 Series v31.40H (accelerated)
13:12:   ASUS V8200 Series v31.40H (non accelerated)
13:12: Available audio devices:
13:12:   Primair geluidsstuurprogramma
13:12:   SB Audigy Audio [FFE0]
13:12:   [no sound]
13:12: User selected:
13:12:   Video: ASUS V8200 Series v31.40H (accelerated)
13:12:          Windowed:no  Colors:32bit  T&L:no  Multisample:0
13:12:   Audio: Primair geluidsstuurprogramma
13:12: Maximum texture size: 4096x4096
13:12: Error opening file 'items\handcuffs.scrips'
13:12: CScEngine::GetCompiledScript - error opening script 'items\handcuffs.scrips'
13:12: Data initialized in 105 ms
13:12: Runtime error. Script 'scenes\drawer_sleepingroom\scr\wallet.script', line 19
13:12:   Cannot add item 'wallet' to inventory
13:12: Shutting down...
13:12: Shutting down scripting engine
13:12: ********** DEBUG LOG CLOSED ********************************************

this is a copy of the items.items :

   CAPTION = "wallet"
   NAME = "wallet"
   IMAGE = "items\wallet_klein.bmp"
   CURSOR = "items\wallet_klein.bmp"
   CURSOR_HOVER = "items\wallet_klein.bmp"
   SCRIPT = "items\wallet.script"

   CAPTION = "handcuffs"
   NAME = "Handcuffs"
   IMAGE = "items\handboeien_klein.bmp"
   CURSOR = "items\handboeien_klein.bmp"
   CURSOR_HOVER = "items\handboeien_invent.bmp"
   SCRIPT = "items\handcuffs.scrips"

And this is a copy of wallet.script
#include "scripts\"

on "LookAt"
  actor.Talk("It's my wallet, my police badge is in it.");

on "Take"
  actor.Talk("Good idea, i need my badge to identify myself.");
// hide the wallet entity and place "wallet" item into the inventory
   var Entwallet = Scene.GetNode("wallet");
   Entwallet.Active = false;

   Game.SelectedItem = "wallet";


on "Talk"
  actor.Talk("That's a good idea, i'm going to talk to my wallet. Are you crazy ??!!");

on "LeftClick"

function GoToObject()


Can any one please help me, i'm trying the figure it out for 4 hours now, and i don't see where the problem is caused.

Technical forum / New window in Scene
« on: June 04, 2003, 11:08:17 AM »
It's me again :-[

I hace a scene where my actor is going to open a drawer, when the drawer is open i want, that a larger image of the drawer is openend. with the first scene goes to inactive, and that you can only pick up things from the drawer, or close it.

Do i have to make a new scene for this, or is it possible in first scene.

Technical forum / Background Music
« on: June 02, 2003, 10:59:21 PM »
I was hoping that someone could tell me which program i can use for making the backgroud music for my game.

Technical forum / Play video
« on: May 31, 2003, 12:57:47 PM »

I've a movie in the game, but i don't won't it to be played full screen,
How can i do this ?

Technical forum / Problem playing wav file
« on: May 29, 2003, 09:12:02 PM »

I'm trying to let my actor speaks so i tried the following in the item script :

actor.Talk("That knife looks interresting", "scene1_knifeintressting.wav);

Did i do something wrong, or did i forget something.

Can any one help me please ??

Help wanted and offered / Looking for grafix designer
« on: May 27, 2003, 08:48:47 PM »

I'm planning to make sequels off the most popular adventure games Sierra ever made, because they don't planned to do it, i will do it.

My first game will be a Police Quest, for this game a'm looking for a grafix/art designer to make the background, object ect.

after this project i planning to make Larry suit Larry and Space Quest, all game will of course have an other name.

I prevere some  from the Netherlands, if you like the idee and you can help me please send a e-mail, if possible with a drawing you already made, to me

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