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Technical forum / Enable fog
« on: June 08, 2013, 11:31:05 AM »
EnableFog; does just effect the 3D character or the entire scene, all I get is a black character :-[
I've tried using Zdepth but that doesn't work very well and I can't find anything apart from the few lines in the documents
I have particles working but I'm a bit worried about memory usage on lower end computers
Sorry about the newbie question

Technical forum / the X factor!
« on: December 17, 2011, 10:58:15 AM »
Ok these X files are driving me nuts!, I have C4D R12 and I just get steaming heaps of goo when trying to get them into wme, I see by doing a bit of searching there was an exporter but it only works on older versions of C4.. bummer
Gamespace I can get meshes.. YES!  but no animation .... BOOO!

the 3ds is no problem at all even sketchup can do that, apart from lights I just use C4D to add lights
Has anyone managed to get X format files from recent versions of Blender, C4D or Gamespace/Truespace?

Technical forum / 3DS exports
« on: April 08, 2010, 09:25:08 AM »
Was there an updated Blender exporter? the only one I can find was "export-3ds-0.82" and I don't seem to be getting anything using Blender 2.49

I tried using Vue and I can get the geometry, camera and lights, but the camera shifts, I've tried the FOV but by time the box lines up to the image the block is very small

Sorry for the dumb question, I've tried searching the forums about the blender issue

Feature requests, suggestions / Flash Support
« on: April 22, 2008, 07:06:43 PM »
I know it would be a big ask.. but consider the benifits:
Small file sizes
the ability to call frame animation
on movie hotspots
loads of resource
special effects
oh.. and i could use it  ;D

AM already has Flash support, and Visionaire are considering it

Theres a open source project that can be embedded into an application

Help wanted and offered / model help plz
« on: April 19, 2008, 10:11:11 PM »
I was wondering if anyone could give me a hand with a character for a 2.5D game? I really suck at low poly modeling and animation  ::)

The character is Dizzy from the popular games in the 80's, so its basiclly an egg with arms n legs, something on the lines of this:

or if someone could  add animation to that model for now, until the game is well underway that would be great, just walk and idle

PS i do have permission to do a 3D fan game for Dizzy ;)


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