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Hey guys. For those in the northern hemisphere hope you're staying cool. It was pretty toasty in California over the weekend!

Wanted to let you guys know I'm having a huge Summer Sale. 20% off ALL music libraries! If you've been looking for professional video game music now's a good time to pick up a library or 2 for you future games. Also, check below about custom music.

A few libraries I'd like to highlight:
KINGDOM OF LIGHT BASIC/STAND/PREMIUM EDITION: This is a huge library of cinematic quality  music for RPG / adventure type games. Definitely check this out if you're needing high quality orchestra music. I think it's an amazing deal for the amount of music, quality, for the price - Up to 192 minutes in the Premium edition.

KINGDOM OF LIGHT MODULES: Music of the KoL in modules for those needing just tavern music, battles, mystical, tavel music, etc..packages instead of 192 minutes of all orchestra music.

KINGDOM OF LIGHT - COMBAT:  A module of close combat (skirmished) and Epic Battles. Loops included for prolonged fights.

KINGDOM OF LIGHT - Dungeons & Caves: A popular KoL module that brings the same cinematic quality like the rest of the KoL libraries for your dungeons, caves, or other dark places.

TITAN SCI-FI: The music from this is one of my best selling products. It brings new material and combines the music libraries Atmospheric Sound Design, ASD v2  and ASD Sci-Fi for a discount, plus another discount with the sale. Cool engine sounds, celestial bodies and great sounding drones and ambient tracks.

CUSTOM MUSIC: I should be available for custom tracks soon for those needing something specific for your games. Starting prices for basic custom cues start @ $50 per minute. However, I try to work with indie game/film producers to match there budget if possible. Shoot me an email for questions.

Thanks guys and have a safe summer/winter!

Peter Gunder

Help wanted and offered / Sci-fi music huge library
« on: April 17, 2013, 05:10:34 AM »
TITAN - I've just released a huge Sci-Fi music library! Included is Atmospheric Sound Design V1, V2, and ASD Sci-Fi V1. Exciting new content has been added for a wide variety of cues ranging from ambient human and alien crafts, complex drone layers, celestial bodies, and melodic content.(40+ tracks) Definitely worth checking out for those needing some great sounding sci-fi cues for your game or multimedia projects. Go to Products>Titan. For those needing only a handful of tracks, they can be purchased as separate libraries or individual songs. Thanks!~Peter

Hey guys,
(see below for custom music for your projects!)
I'm very pleased to announce a huge (192 minutes) music library I just wrapped up for RPG / high-fantasy adventure type games in need of professional, cinematic-style music. I've decided to make it accessable to various budgets and created 3 Editions with a "new product" discount of 20% off. Premium Edition is $180, Standard Edition $130, Basic Edition is $60. In a nutshell, these will give you some very, very cool cinematic combat music to tavern, village, Dungeons & Cave cues, and thematic music to mystical cues. 

..and for those who aren't needing all type of Modules found in the B/S/P Editions, the modules can be purchased separately. They're located directly below the Editions on my site.(Definitely check out the Special Cues module. These were made for rewards, reveal, failure, & online/pvp "capture the flag"(Traditional). I highly recommend these type of cues to give a "polished" sound to your games).

I hope you guys enjoy what you hear and find either an Edition version or some Modules to help finish off your game and bring it to the masses! Thanks

guys! - custom music info below..

About Custom Music - I work with indie game developers to produce custom music at various budgets. I currently have room for more clients so shoot me a line through my website if you're needing something unique, sounds like music from game/movie XYZ, or just not sure what your needing, perhaps we can help figure it out with you. Prices can vary greatly depending on the scope of music. Ex. you're needing a very basic ambient cue vs. full orchestra score(eg. Adventures at Castle Ebonwood from Cinematic Fantasy library or cues from Kingdom of Light) with live musicians. Prices start @ approx. $50 per minute for very basic music/padding. However, prices are negotiable with longer run times.

Thanks all!

Happy New Year all!

I'm running a special on all packages of 25% off for the new year for a limited time. Feel free to contact us through for custom music and royalty-free music.


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