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General Discussion / Re: Differences between WME and AGS forums
« on: April 14, 2016, 01:25:23 AM »
Wintermute is the best adventure game engine period.    This will not change in the foreseeable future.

I do not think there is a big difference between any of the adventure game forums.
Each AG forum has isolated itself from the broader gaming community, and is paying the price for that decision.
This happens on all the AG forums ( including AGS).

The people who started this forum (and engine) have done an outstanding service.  It's up to newcomers
like me to do our part.

The  WME engine is NOT the problem.  Wether its WME 2.0, android, or iPad - none of these
are the problem because professional developers can write their own plugins.
Any professional developer would consider writing whatever they need to write - to get their
project done - Eborr did, I did. There are plenty of professional game developers out there.
The problem is professional developers have nowhere to market their games.
If a developer creates a great WME game - where could they market it  ??
 AGS forum ?? - no way,  adventure gamers ?? - forget it, I could name all of them,
and the answer would be no (accept maybe gameJolt and itch - but I don't see those as forum sites).

Game design / Re: Free Music Resource
« on: February 22, 2016, 04:04:02 PM »
Hi Eric Matyas,  Very artistic sounding tracks.  Unfortunately my other game projects are on hold. You and  titanicPiano have some great tracks.
I hope to use one (love that impossible decision track) on an upcoming episode (don't know when I will release more episodes).

What's it like - offering music talent to game developers.   Do you (or titanicPiano) find developers are open to the idea of working with composers  ??     Or do we tend to shy-away from collaborating.

If I had musical talent, I would post like you are doing.    But I would also offer a swap for developers looking for testers.
beta test their game - in exchange for placing a tune and name in the credits.

Which of your tracks would you recommend for a contemporary, smalltown, dark fantasy(non horror), adventure game ??

Game announcements / Re: NIGHT IN FOG - Tactical RPG
« on: February 03, 2016, 01:21:12 AM »
Your artwork is stunning.  lots of innovation in your game.  Many have tried to develop new interfaces and interactions - you did it !!

Language for voice-overs,  dialogues (simple answer, hard talk), very original and intriguing theories.  I was immersed in about 2 seconds. Hyptonic is the only other developer I've seen use that style in dialogues.

I don't know if I would get rid of the interaction tracker (upper right part of screen)
in the final product. I even like that. Maybe put in the option to toggle on/off.

(in my opinion) adventure game guys don't like action, and action guys don't like the slow pace
of AGs. By giving the user the option to engage/not engage a "bad guy", that will appeal to both markets.

Now  for some bad news - I've seen fantastic games that never got completed.
Do you have what it takes to COMPLETE it and bring it to market ??

If  not, it looks promising enough to win outside funding.  But ofcourse that could lead to making a deal with the devil.
I also think WME is the best choice.  Switching engines could easily lead to disaster.
If I had a game like yours,  I would even consider writing my own plugins for WME,
something like a mobile (Android, ios) or custom isometric accelerators - it's do-able and the time is right.
There are many experts here in this forum, I'm sure they would offer technical advice.

Superb job.   Please let us know when it is released for sale.
What is your estimated delivery date ??
How much game-play time will users get ??

Also, I would expect to spend at least as much time marketing as developing.
( i.e.  1 year development = 1 year marketing)

General Discussion / Guess the demographic ...
« on: October 01, 2015, 03:55:58 AM »
 hello all, newbie here.   couple of questions.
  1)  pick any ( or a couple of) Wintermute games and try to guess which demographic you think
      it was most successful in and why ??
      I pick the Art of Murder (City Interactive) - even though it has a female lead I think because it has an action feel
                                 to it,  Males over 25 might be their demographic.

      Lost Crown (by Darkling Room) -  definitely a cult following AND I would guess female under 30
                                  (having a Ouija board in a game is a sure winner for a cult following  !! )

 2) Do you think it's possible to hold the audience attention in an adventure game,  that does not involve a dead person.

     I don't believe it's possible.   Even when I play adventure games, if it doesn't  involve someone dying I will probably lose   
     interest.       I use to try and convince myself that a happy go lucky game full of cotton candy and buttery popcorn
     would hold my interest - it won't.

Great game.  I played the demo a while back and really enjoyed it.  3d cursor was a nice touch.  And the dialogue with the cleaning lady was fantastic.   
Usually dialogues are the most boring part.  Good luck with the game and congratulations on keeping the faith to see it thru.

Game design / Re: Score system
« on: September 07, 2015, 06:19:53 PM »
 Hello all.  I agree with all that's been said.  I would only add, If my target demographic were under 18 (age)  I would consider it, because it's familiar to them.   But (for me) my target market is over 30 .    I think the over 30's want to play video games But don't want to "feel" like they're playing a "child's game" (in reality we are - but that's another story).

  [ side note ]  I took a looked at your games. Great work.  I'm always amazed to see talent ignored by the masses. 
                    Happens everyday.   The mods and developer of Wintermute have every right to be proud of their accomplishments.
                    The WM engine is almost magical in itself. 

            - great read - WM fans will love it.
                    colors on canvas    - (hard to find - found by following your twitter feed)
                                                 Interesting concept.  I also write edu-games.  I don't think any of us knows what will
                                                 be successful - until it's successful.    Looks promising.
                        The 4th wall.       - mind blowing concepts. Very original.

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