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Yes! I got the 600th post on the board!!!! Medal! Medal!

Well, uh... Hi. I just wanted to ask a question (start a mini-survey actually):

* how old are you all?
* where are you from?
* what is your occupation?
* what is your three favourite adventure games?

I'm the one who started this survey, so I'll be the first to give it a go: I'm 21, from Denmark, and for the past year or so, I've been teaching basic computer science to staff members at municipalities and medium-sized businesses. In september, I'll begin studying computer science at the University of Aarhus. My three favourite adventure games are Monkey Island 2, Beneath A Steel Sky and Larry Laffer Looking for Love (in all the wrong places)


edit: changed title

I'm 23...
From Greece...
I'm a graphic designer...
Monkey Island 1, Grim Fandango, Monkey Island 2, Hero's Quest (the old 16 colors version with the text parser!, I don't like the 256 colors version with the icons).... That's 4, I know...

EDIT: some stupid typos

I'm 26 years and 10 months old,
I'm from the Czech Republic,
I'm a programmer (surprise! surprise!),
and my favorites are: the Gabriel Knight trilogy (ok, I'm cheating by counting them as one game :-), KGB (aka Conspiracy), and... hm, can't decide for one... Broken Sword, The Last Express, Spycraft, Black Mirror...

All right,

it's me! Timo! Jerrot! TJ! Whatever... so here the facts:

* I'm 28y (*damn* I'm *OLD*!)
* I live in Northern Germany
* Working as IT developer (well - internet programmer !), I'm programming web frontends and content management systems, databases, that sort of... ! Using the internet before the WWW became modern, published my first mailbox (sort of bulletin board system) on an Atari 600 XL and a telephone and some glue... oh don't ask! :)
* My favorites: Dunno. I'd say DOTT, Broken Sword, Monkey Island 1-3 ;-)

Uh, no, I like so many adventures... can't say for sure these three (five...) are really my favorites, but I love them anyway.

See Ya! ( (c) Alien Mindbenders )

I'm 27, live in Ohio USA, and I and run low voltage wires. (ie phone, cable, net lines)

My 3 fav adventures:

(1) Space Quest 2 (First quest ever played.)
(2) DOTT (First Lucasarts game ever played.)
(3) Space Quest 3 (I loved this game!)

Ok, so I'm not very diverse ... :P


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