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Author Topic: suppressing Windows' AutoRun feature  (Read 9342 times)

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suppressing Windows' AutoRun feature
« on: November 16, 2007, 10:32:11 PM »

Let's imagine the game installed on the HDD, but it reads some data from the CD occasionally. We may not keep the CD in the drive all the time, instead insert it on the request. If the CD volume have the "autorun.inf" file, each time it launches the game installer. In the fullscreen mode we cannot see it, but after the end of the game we have a bunch of "Setup" dialogs stacked on the screen.

Obviously it would be better to prevent from running wild things from CD at the time we're playing the game. Fortunately it is quite easy, as described on and needs only few lines of code. It requires access to the game's message loop so cannot be made as the plugin. Please do it for us Obi-Jan, as you are our only and last hope...

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