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What are your favorite point-and-click games?

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What are your favorite point-and-click games, or which games got you interested in working with Wintermute, and why? For me, it has to be Broken Sword and The Longest Journey. Those games had really good plots and really made you use your mind to complete the game. They don't make games like that anymore. I'm glad Wintermute is available to make games like those, and thats what made me learn game development. 

Before I'd ever heard of Wintermute Darkfall: Lost Souls (i'm not to keen on the older ones), Scratches Directors Cut, Dark City and J.U.L.I.A once it gets released, of those games Darkfall is made with Wintermute, the others use their own engines I think.

J.U.L.I.A. is pure WME game.

there are three games : The trader of stories , Dead City and Dirty Split that i think that are made like a point and click game should be !!!!!
Thay have a good story ,  good characters that are characterized by a realistic personality , and are interesting !
This are some of the games that i'm trying this days .  ::rock

I really love most of all available P&C Games, but my favourites are Syberia, Longest Journey, Loom, Broken Sword ... And many more :P I also liked Inherit the Earth very much. And I'm a very very big Myst fan and love all the games and books.


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