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Game.Msg("A new adept has arrived");


    Hell'o everyone!

   Well, I've been roaming the forum and toying with the engine for some weeks now and I finally decided to present myself.
I'm a (french but whatever) guy who got his quarter of century few years ago, and whose dream (even if i feel it more like a duty) is to make videogames. For a living or not, time will tell...

   I'm writing a complex universe for a decade now and i feel that the time is come to start making it alive. So i got some ideas to start my first project but I lack of technical knowlege
(specially about programming) which i hope to learn fast thanks to Wintermute (and by extension, Captain Mnemonic, Master Metamorphium & anybody kind enough to help me).

  Bref, I'm happy -like a lot of people, it seems- to have met this engine and I cant wait to be able to actually do something with :). I'm still studying the Holy WME Book and I will
more than probably have tons and tons of stupid "noob" questions very-very soon. So Thank you people, in advance, for your help!

Captain, Ô my Captain, thank you very much. Fhtag'n!

Welcome !

Thanks! Happy new year!


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