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Hey I'm making my first game here, mostly on my own time as a sort of hobby. I've been looking for engine that can support a Ace Attorney or Danganronpa style murder mystery game. I'm not great at programming, so I'd have to start learning and would certainly need some help from people here. Anyway, I was wondering if this engine could work for that style of game, and where to start to learn how to use the engine if it would work.

Hey pumkinswift  :)

Yep, in my opinion, one could use wme to do that style of game. In any case, as you're better acquainted with what you're looking for, I recommend you check some of the games that have been developed using wme.

Here's the Game Announcements section of Wintermute Engine's forum.

Here's the list of games listed in Wintermute Engine Resource Center.

As for learning resources, you have:

(1) WME documentation

(2) WME's book

(3) WME Resource Center

(4) Along with this very forum (which is a source of knowledge conveyed by lots and lots of developers over the years)


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