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Hello everyone!

How do I change the starting position of a player (Molly)?

1. I downloaded version 1.9.1
2. I maked test project
3. I created new scene and import new background image
4. I was edit floor where actor can walk

How can I reposition actor Molly to stand where I want to stand on begin of scene?

Thanks in advance.


Hello Kusurović  :)

For example:

--- Code: WME Script ---// Molly will be placed at the coordinates 139, 428actor.SkipTo(139, 428); // And she will be facing downwards and to the rightactor.Direction = DI_DOWNRIGHT; 
In case you want to see a working example, you will find a demo project within the folder where you installed WME Development Kit. Possibly C:\Program Files (x86)\WME DevKit\projects\wme_demo\wme_demo.wpr

The snippet of code you see above, I got it from said demo - more precisely, from the file scene_init.script, located in the project tree pane under scenes > room > scr.


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