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Technical forum / Hidden Geometry questions
« on: August 13, 2007, 02:48:10 PM »
Hi guys,
I know similar things have been asked a million times already, but i couldn't find a post that answers my problem
I'm learning how to setup the 3D characters and invisible geometry by doing a test scene for an upcoming project we'll do at work (Mnemonic, the great news is that the deadline got pushed back a couple of months), but i seem to be completely lost and will be very thankful if someone gave me some pointers... the problems are:
I cant seem to setup the invisible geometry properly... I modelled a simple corridor in SILO and exported as OBJ to render in Vue and export the low-poly version of the geometry, lights and camera from there  to 3DS (much thanks for the heads up with the Vue-to-3ds export to Nihil) Once imported in WME i don't see the hidden geometry, but the camera name is in the box... After lots of attempts, i scaled the geometry inside Vue like 10 times the original size... and in WME the geometry showed up, BUT all the surfaces and boxes of which consisted the hidden geometry lost their coordinates and got centered in the middle of the camera target point ?!?!?!... after trying a million ways i couldn't make it work :( Then i installed an illegal copy of MAX, just to export the scene and see the result... and finally got my hidden geometry in WME

BUT only the floor (named it walk_floor) worked as a walkable area, the walls (blk_01, etc) don't stop the model from walking.

Other weirdnesses are:
the stencil shadows also seem completely off
the mouse doesn't work to move the character (just keyboard input), but it works on the front scene (i replaced the back scene of the WME Trinity demo)

I know that I'm doing something very wrong, but i really got lost.
Could anyone that has experience with hidden geometry and 3D characters, please explain the whole process of exporting/importing, please!
What is the scale you use for the hidden geometry (i know that every software exports 3DS differently)?
I also tried the Blender scene export tutorial without any luck!

Thanks in advance!

Technical forum / 3D BGR questions, a couple of them.
« on: January 04, 2005, 10:50:16 AM »
Hi, im new to the Wintermute Engine. I just found it yesterday (thanx to Orange Brat for posting it on another forum).
Honestly i've never been a big fan of this kind of adventure games, but what called my attention was the implementation of 3D characters, which is verry cool :)
From what i've seen so far i like the engine alot!
OK, my question is:
Are there alternate methods of creating the hidden 3D background? The problem is that i dont own or use 3DS MAX, i use MS3D and SILO to model and CFX to animate, but neither of those has the possibility to set a camera and lights!
Is it possible to import the 3DS background model into Wintermute and manipulate the camera from there (rotation, pan, etc)?
Another solution would be to create the lights and camera and import them as geometry similar to the waypoints (the .map exporter for MS3D uses this method), is this possible (or to be implemented)?
You would ask, how (and why) would i create a 3D renderd background if i dont have a high end 3D software, well i thought of using real images (taken with a digital camera and filtered in Photoshop) with the hidden 3D scene. And why not use a hand drawn image (traced over a 3D model in order to keep the perspectives correct) for the BGR. And one last question: Does Wintermute take in consideration the material settings of the MS3D file (i mean illumination, specular, etc... not skin)? I'm asking that to see if a posible fake cell-shading could be applied to the player.

Thanx in advance. Keep up the good work on this excellent engine!

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