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hi guys,

            i am a starter so i just needed a script for refference for mini puzzle games like turning a stone until it matches the symbol in it and then the door opens or something like and old little artifacts opens up after its been rotated properly to match the symbols friends plz

                                       ::slug  ::wave

hi guys

             i cant see the action buttons such as take,look,talk ,as per now i havent changed the script it is as it is in 3d demo but the only thing changed is background image with 3ds format which runs correctly as it should, but i am unable to see the action buttons even after i copied the file location to the game needed


Game design / can't see character in run game mode
« on: March 01, 2013, 07:49:41 AM »
hui guys,

           i am kinda new here and also the new user of wintermute software, well i got a problem with character where character doesn't shows up in run game mode even though  everything is set correctly and no error is been displayed can any one help me with this one

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