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Latest WME version: WME 1.9.1 (January 1st, 2010) - download

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Technical forum / Re: Execute command by clicking an inventory item
« on: December 27, 2013, 06:43:32 PM »
Sorry for my late response.
But thank you very much, we got it! :)

PS: I wish you a happy new year.

Technical forum / Execute command by clicking an inventory item
« on: December 19, 2013, 02:56:35 AM »
Hi there!

I have one question.
In one of our puzzles, the actor is supposed to play an animation right after the player clicks on a specified inventory item.

But as far as i know, the only script regarding the inventory items is the "items.items" script and i don't see any possibilities to manage these.

So, is there a way to run a script which says something like: if you click on this item, then do this and that?
It's not that important if it has to be a left- or a right click. Main thing is, i want to somehow interact with this single inventory item.

I really hope someone got an idea. Thanks in advance! :)

Technical forum / Start walk animation on releasing the mouse button
« on: December 09, 2012, 05:50:39 PM »
Hi there!

On the basis of sundry problems with our gameplay, i got a question again.

At the moment it's the case that characters start walking immediately when clicking the left mouse button.
That's logical.
But wouldn't it be possible as well to let him start walking right on release? If so, how do i do that?

Thanks in advance!

Technical forum / Re: White spots/pixels on character edges
« on: December 02, 2012, 06:11:43 PM »
Hi odnorf!
and blurring it just a little bit.
That was the point, it works perfectly!

At first I duplicated the characters layer for four or five times so the edges became thick. I fused the layers so it became one single layer.
After that I opened the layer options and put a black colored outline on it with 1 pixel thickness and 1% opacity.
When starting the demo now, all of those white spots are completely gone, great!

But I also found out that duplicating the layers is NOT necessary. The black outline (which actually is invisible) is absolutely enough and it work's perfect.

Thank you very much!! :)

Technical forum / White spots/pixels on character edges
« on: December 02, 2012, 07:47:16 AM »
Hi there!

Got a strange problem and hope somebody can help.
While playing the demo I noticed some white spots/pixels on the edge of my character.
Opened with Photoshop and underlayed with a dark background there's absolutely nothing special to see.

I tried to figure out what the problem is but i haven't got a clue.
The entire graphics we use in our game are .png without interlace and RGB colors in 8 Bit.
I also tried 24 and 32 Bit - for nothing. I've changed the format to .tga with alpha channel for a transparent background - without success.
I've taken a look into the WME Sprite Editor but didn't find a solution.

Here's a part of a screenshot with focus on the white spots.
If you can't see them, please zoom in:

When the character is standing in brighter scenes the spots aren't really noticable ... but in darker scenes it's kinda ugly, especially when playing in fullscreen.

Any ideas? :(

Shame on me.
I totally overlooked this one:
But to be honest i don't really understand what needs to be done ...

Help wanted and offered / "Return of the Tentacle" needs programmers!
« on: October 14, 2012, 07:30:00 PM »
Watch out coders!

The story is finished, the puzzles are ready as well, our designer is drawing as if possessed by a Tentacle, BUT: We only have one coder working for "Return of the tentacle" doing all the work alone.
What we need are active hands to help us putting it all together so we can release the demo as soon as possible.

You are familiar with the Wintermute engine? We need your help! Just send an email to

Die Story steht, das Rätseldesign ist fertig, unser Grafiker zeichnet wie vom Tentakel besessen, ABER: Wir haben für "Return of the Tentacle" bisher nur einen einzigen Programmierer, dem wir die ganze Arbeit aufladen.
Was wir brauchen sind tatkräftige Hände, die uns helfen, alles zusammenzusetzen, damit die erste Demo bald erscheinen kann.

Ihr kennt euch gut mit der Wintermute-Engine aus? Dann seid ihr bei uns richtig! Meldet euch einfach per E-Mail unter:

Technical forum / Re: Run WME with OS X Wine
« on: December 24, 2011, 03:11:56 PM »
There's only one ProjectMan.log file i could find with Spotlight search, and it contains logs from the 30th of October until yesterday evening, when i started up a compiled WME-game with wine.
I'm afraid it's not the correct log file, maybe wine-WME couldn't log my attempts opening a project, because it freezed.
But i copied out the last few logs:

18:54: ********** DEBUG LOG OPENED 23-12-2011 (Release Build) *****************
18:54: Wintermute Engine ver 1.9.1, Compiled on Jan  1 2010, 09:46:49
18:54: Platform: Windows XP Service Pack 3 (Build 2600)
18:54: DirectX version: 9.0
18:54: Scanning packages...
18:54:   Registered 0 files in 0 package(s)
18:54: Initializing scripting engine...
18:54:   Script compiler bound successfuly
18:54: Loading plugins...
18:54:   wme_sample_pixel.dll
18:54:   wme_snow.dll
18:54:   wme_aMUSE.dll
18:54: Scanning packages...
18:54:   Registered 0 files in 0 package(s)
18:54: Enumerating Direct3D devices...
18:54: Enumerating DirectSound devices...
18:54: Game aspect ratio:    -1.#IND00
18:54: Monitor aspect ratio: 1.805360
18:54: Game aspect ratio is the same as monitor aspect ratio.
18:54: Backup resolution:  0 x 0
18:54: Available video devices:
18:54:   ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series (accelerated)
18:54:     Driver: ati2dvag.dll
18:54:     Monitor: 0
18:54: Available audio devices:
18:54:   Primary Sound Driver
18:54:   Built-in Output
18:54:   [no sound]
18:54: Auto selecting devices for windowed mode:
18:54:   Video: ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series (accelerated)
18:54:          Windowed:yes  Colors:16bit  T&L:no  Multisample:0
18:54:   Audio: Primary Sound Driver

19:10: ********** DEBUG LOG OPENED 23-12-2011 (Release Build) *****************
19:10: Wintermute Engine ver 1.9.1, Compiled on Jan  1 2010, 09:46:49
19:10: Platform: Windows XP Service Pack 3 (Build 2600)
19:10: DirectX version: 9.0
19:10: Scanning packages...
19:10:   Registered 0 files in 0 package(s)
19:10: Initializing scripting engine...
19:10:   Script compiler bound successfuly
19:10: Loading plugins...
19:10:   wme_sample_pixel.dll
19:10:   wme_snow.dll
19:10:   wme_aMUSE.dll
19:10: Scanning packages...
19:10:   Registered 0 files in 0 package(s)
19:10: Enumerating Direct3D devices...
19:10: Enumerating DirectSound devices...
19:10: Game aspect ratio:    -1.#IND00
19:10: Monitor aspect ratio: 1.805360
19:10: Game aspect ratio is the same as monitor aspect ratio.
19:10: Backup resolution:  0 x 0
19:10: Available video devices:
19:10:   ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series (accelerated)
19:10:     Driver: ati2dvag.dll
19:10:     Monitor: 0
19:10: Available audio devices:
19:10:   Primary Sound Driver
19:10:   Built-in Output
19:10:   [no sound]
19:10: Auto selecting devices for windowed mode:
19:10:   Video: ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series (accelerated)
19:10:          Windowed:yes  Colors:16bit  T&L:no  Multisample:0
19:10:   Audio: Primary Sound Driver

Merry X-Mas!

Technical forum / Re: Run WME with OS X Wine
« on: December 23, 2011, 07:50:24 PM »
Oh my god, you're right! Sorry.
Alright, now WME starts up, but the problem now is that i can't open my project files.
I choose "open", browse to my project folder (it's in my documents folder), where i click on "rott.wpr". But nothing happens, WME freezes and i can't click on anything anymore.
The only thing i can do is click on the red X (the upper left corner of the window) to close the whole application, but within WME there's nothing i can do.

At first i thought it's because there is some kind of a virtual Windows directory inside of the Wintermute package.
Because when i open the finder, browse to my applications folder, rightclick on Wintermute and then "Show package contents", there is a c:\ with those standard Windows folders.
But i also tried to copy my project folder into the Wintermute package, so that it's stored in the Windows directory.
Doesn't work either, same problem.

At last i tried to open a new project.
So in WME i clicked on "new", entered a project name and clicked "ok". But then there is the same problem again ... WME freezes.

So it seems WME isn't able to open a project in general.
Bad thing ...

But running a compiled WME game works fine and without any problems.

Technical forum / Re: Run WME with OS X Wine
« on: December 23, 2011, 06:16:44 PM »

Thanks for your reply.
Neither nor.
I get this message instantly when i'm trying to start up the project manager (wme.exe).
I can't even get WME running, so to say there's no WME-related game existing yet.

Technical forum / Run WME with OS X Wine
« on: December 23, 2011, 03:45:08 PM »

I'm working on a Mac (Lion) and running WME on Windows via BootCamp works fine of course.
But i just tried to install WME on my Mac partition with WineBottler to avoid rebooting the computer every time i wanna work on my project.
Installing WineBottler and WME worked both fine, but right after that, when i try to start up wme.exe, an error message occurred.
It says:
Einige notwendige Spieldateien können nicht geladen werden. Bitte installieren Sie das Spiel erneut und versuchen Sie es noch einmal.

In english it would be something like:
Some necessary game files couldn't be loaded. Please reinstall the game and try it again.

Already reinstalled WME, but the problem persists.

Google couldn't help, and i don't find any tutorials for installing WME on a Mac, let alone a solution for that problem.
But as far as i know, WME should run fine with Wine in some degree - at least i thought it should.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!


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