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Author Topic: character development  (Read 20671 times)

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Re:character development
« Reply #15 on: March 16, 2003, 01:03:34 PM »

Haha, guess you're right, but usually, writing stuff in danish pretty much qualifies as strong encryption, since nobody can read our language anyways, except a few literate scandinavians, lol..

I write that as a weblog for the two or three danish people who care, so I thought nobody would be able to find it like that. It's not meant to be secret though, as a matter of fact I have written to about it (but they don't answer email, grr..), and I believe the AGDZine are interested in using it. But it's just not finished yet, I wanted to correct some bad grammar and spelling errors, as well as add several new sections before going 'public' with it. I'm receiving some feedback from the Reality-on-The-Norm community, Esseb and Dave Gilbert have been very helpful with critique, Creed Malay, Trapezoid and a few others too, so my offline version is probably 40% longer than the original one online. I'm sooo looking forward to launching the 'second edition'  :D


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