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General Discussion / What Bad Brain Entertainment thinks about Wintermute
« on: December 05, 2004, 09:55:03 PM »
I just read an interview at adventure gamers with Bad Brain Entertainment, a new company who secured the rights for "a vampyre story". This is what Wolfgang Kierdorf of Bad Brain thinks about Wintermute:

Quote from: Wolfgang Kierdorf
I recently had a look at the WinterMute engine and Unnamed Project Joe. Maybe we will use the WinterMute engine for future projects. It's a great tool and I guess everybody who has a little programming experience in C, C++ or Java is able to do technically flawless adventures.

Back in the times when I did game programming I would have killed for tools like this one.


Technical forum / performance of wintermute, optimisation
« on: October 28, 2004, 12:01:29 PM »
Since i played the ProjectJoe-demo i'm worrying about wintermute's performance. As described, i played it on my old computer, an athlon 600 with 256mb ram using a geforce 2 mx 400 (64mb). Project Joe has high system requirements, and my pc doesn't fit well, sure.

But i'm a little bit scared now, because i can play almost every other 2d game (and even 3d game) using my hardware with no problems at all. And i mean commercial, high quality games with lots of animations, and high resolution. I think ProjectJoe doesn't have that complexity that would justify its performance on my machine.

Now i'm frightened, because i want to make a high quality game and i don't want the user to have 512mb ram. I'm asking myself, what's the problem? I guess either the ProjectJoe people didn't care about optimisation, or wintermute itself slows it down (i don't hope so). So perhaps Mnemonic can bring light into this darkness, would be nice.

Another thing is, how can you make your game faster? How to optimise it?

I played Wilma Tetris (great game btw :)), and now i'm asking myself, what limits do we have using the Wintermute engine? I know you could make an adventure-rpg-hybrid type of game, similar to Quest for Glory. Tetris is also possible :) Looking at Igors Demo i suppose some kind of beat'em up would be doable, too.

Of course Wintermute is not a 3d-engine. But what about games like old 2d strategy games and so on? Feasible or not? What could be a bottleneck within Wintermute?

General Discussion / forum problems (thread crashes browser)
« on: June 22, 2004, 10:45:51 AM »
I have a problem viewing deadworms global variables thread - it won't load. I must close Firefox using the task manager  :o Every other thread works just fine. Mysterious!   

Software and games / Deathgate
« on: June 13, 2004, 05:04:21 PM »
I just finished deathgate, and im so impressed, i dont know what to say...

Its a first-person adventure from Legend Entertainment, based on a famous book (which i dont know ;)). I just love it... perfect riddles, beautiful voices, lots of animations (although you dont see the main character often), good story. Its so cleverly designed... awesome.

You have to read a lot...  you'll find several books, and most of the nsc-talk is rather long. I just say it because some people dont want to read a lot ;)

Graphics are very nice, lots of animations, its not an text adventure (although you have more than the usual verbs to build a comannd sentence).

You can download the cd version with voices from the underdog. Movies are missing, but i dont care about that, everything was in order, i didnt have the feeling that i have missed something. If you want to play a really good adventure, try it out! :)  Shannara is there also, its a beautiful adventure, too (full cd version available, woohoo). :)

Game design / matter of perspective: first person or third person?
« on: June 12, 2004, 08:34:53 PM »
What do you think about adventures using a first-person perspective (Death Gate, Shannara)? I dont know new ones with that kind of perspective. I guess a long time ago it was easier to create a game with less animations. But nevertheless i like them. I think the immersion is better (you see the world with your own eyes, so to say); first-person adventures have lots of third person text description, its almost like a good book.

But i suppose most of the gamers want to have lots of animations and a third person view so they can see the main character. Its more interesting to watch your character do all these things, its looking more alive.

What do you think about it?

Game design / unique adventures, new ways
« on: June 10, 2004, 09:18:20 AM »
Hi all - today i'm rather a design johnny ;D

Yesterday i played Loom again after all these years, and i'm still loving it :) Its so well designed and unique, just fantastic. You don't need an inventory, nor the classic verbs. Nevertheless the drafts are a nice replacement for that, allowing new kind of riddles. Of course there are more games who try to enhance the old ways (e.g. Death Gate).

So, what do you think? Better to go the classic way, using verbs or icons representing actions the character can do, or do you rather want to see new innovations, if they enhance the game experience?

And what about new ideas? I guess its easy to destroy an adventure with stupid new innovations ;) Do you have any good ideas? Oh well, i dont want to steal your conceptions :D So i will throw in some of my ideas. After playing loom, i thought about some kind of new ways to control the character.

I found some concepts, for example you could play some kind of robot. Remember "Beneath a steel sky?" ;D Oh man, Joey was so cool, and his voice, too :) He was just a sidekick back there, but i think playing some kind of intelligent and sarcastic machine could be interesting; or you could play some kind of cybernetic human, so it wouldn't be too strange/alien. In BASS, you had to find new shells for your robot so he was able to do other things. So that was "my" first idea... as a robot, you would have some default tools; some kind of grasper/picker arm, an analysis tool (scanner, or a telescope perhaps) to replace the classic verbs. It could be a challenge to find new tools so you have more options. You could even avoid an inventory, so your robot can just take one or two items with him. Plenty of room for unique riddles i guess. But not that kind of a new idea, also ;)

I guess loom influences me more than i want to ;) I just love the concept behind it. Weaving spells, the whole guild concept and so on. I guess spells are a common way to enhance the possibilities of your character. Several games use spells. Another idea based on that would be a super hero main character: he would have unique super powers who will allow interaction with the game world. He could learn new powers (perhaps from his enemies or by drinking a power potion ;D) or perhaps you can choose between several heros with different sets of powers. But i dont know if this idea is too strange for some people.

Oh well, i guess i'm stuck here... Loom ist controlling my every thought, i fear... ;)  i think i just hit a dead-end. So, anyone wants to discuss this matter? Anyone thought about this yet? I would love to hear your ideas, your comments about this aspect of adventures. And don't limit yourself to the facets described here - let this thread be about every new idea you can have. Tell me! :)

Game design / question of style
« on: May 30, 2004, 02:14:53 PM »
Hi Wintermuties ;D

Im doing some graphic tests at the moment to find a nice style for an adventure game. At first, i wanted to create something like Dott,  some kind of comic-style. But right now, i dont now what way to go, so i need some help, your help :)

If you would be so kind, please take a look at these pictures:

Some of you may know this already (its the same i showed in the channel), its a more realistic approach:
Pic 1

Some of you suggested to try out cel shading, i did that before, but i gave it another try; this one has lots of mistakes, but shows a combination of comic and realism:
Pic 2

At last i tried to create some classic comic look:
Pic 3

So what do you think about it? Which way to go? Perhaps quite a different one? I guess it depends on the game, the setting. But what do you prefer generally?

Furthermore im interested in your overall opinion about adventure graphics.

Which graphic style do you like the most?

Thx for your time! :)

Hello @ll,

i have a suggestion, but dont know if its possible to do for a 2d engine at all. But it would be too great :)

Im talking about some kind of post filter effects (similar to the blending modes McCoy proposed). They are used in 3d games nowadays, so i dont know if wintermute could handle it. I found a thread about Blitz3d, where someone created a very nice bloom filter:

They describe roughly how to do it (sampling the frontbuffer, apply it to sprive over the screen, more within the thread). I think i read somewhere it also can  be achieved with the render-to-texture feature? Dont know much about 3d programming, sadly.

Wintermute is using directx afaik, so perhaps its possible to do this or similar post effects? I think it would give wintermute the attention it deserves :)  Everyone would want to use Wintermute :D (should be so anyway, hehe) Its an up-to-date and state-of-the-art effect which really makes the difference. Games like Prince of Persia, the sands of time, or Hitman Contracts are looking just great using it. Talking about speed...: the method used by filax in blitz is very fast, on my old athlon 600 with a geforce 2mx 400, its very smooth. So i think it can be used for a wide audience. And it would be a very good investment into the future of wintermute :) 

I dont have a clue when it comes to graphics programming, but i would help in every way i could... if there is some possibility to do it, i would try :) Yeah, im very excited about that one, but i dont want to be perky. Just want to know if someone knows if its easy to do, and i thought it would be a nice idea anyway.

Still one little question: i read in the todo list that icon change is only possible using NT? Did i get something wrong or using WinXP, i am not able to change the icon of my exe? Oh well, its not that important anyway ;)

Thx for reading! May Wintermute be with you (for its the best adventure engine out there :) )

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