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you need to set the sleep to between 5 and 10 otherwise it will take ages to cross the screen

to get the KNOSSOS demo

also on itchio and gog - but I don't have the links

Not wishing to sound harsh but all you do is to reset the x,y coordinnates for each object within a loop. I dont have access to a win box at the moment but the code goes something like this

Myobejct.X =0;
while (Myobject.X <Screensize+objectsize)
    Myobject.X = Myobejct.X +1;
    SLEEP(<some int >);

Obviously this ie not pure WME script but I hope you get the general idea. You set this up as a script you can call, and invokr it for the duration. If you want to see this in action look at the cars in the background in the K'NOSSOS tutorial.

thanks for the pointer but I can't seem to find the relevant text to change

Technical forum / Re: Mirror reflection for 2D character
« on: November 03, 2017, 12:32:03 AM »
Sorry to disappoint, there is no such automatic feature, but if it's important then no doubt you could "fake" the effect by creating a suitable 2D graphic, you could trigger in with an actor entry event to a region.

With sufficient attention to detail, you could creating a pleasing effect

"smoke and mirrors" as they say in the trade.

Just to add one or two other people are taking notice.

We got a recommendation to one of the best free games of the week at PCGamer

there's still a bit of power in the old engine

this one is bothering me to, I cannot find a solution, I was hopeful that adjusting the caption would change this, but it's not the case

Technical forum / Forcing a response window to close
« on: February 22, 2017, 04:53:06 PM »
I wanted to programmitically  force a response window to close. Seemingly this is not possible as the visible state of the object cannot be altered, nor can it be destroyed. I image for good reasons this level of access is not available, and neither is there any capability to force the the response box to close with a statement like Game.GetResponse() =1.

I managed to code around the problem, but it's not an ideal result. By the way even Game.Reset() does not appear to affect an active response box

Why is there a single passanger onboard a colonization ship? Does the ship have a seed bank or something? Otherwise how is one person going to colonize a planet?

Other than that nitpicking, the game looks fantastic. Hurry up and release it!

Good comments, We have the answers to your questions - but guess what I am not going to tell you, play the game and all will be revealed. Glad you like the look it's a big plus for us to get a positive reaction from another mutie

I have had a look at Unity and tbh have some reservations, I know one team who moved away from it, as the functionality they wanted to use for the 2d elements were supplied by a third party, who simply were not keeping pace the development of the Unity core. I cannot afford to take the risk of spending months developing something on a platform where there is an unreliable third party dependency .

glad it helped

as to the lack of posting

perhaps we are apart from the guys promoting stuff, I am working really hard trying to get something ready for a crowdfund. It seems from looking around the net adventure gaming is still going strong, and I have not come across an engine that does what we need to do better than WME.

I fear for our next project we may have to move onto something else, the main driver behind that is the different platforms. I am not convinced on using WME lite, I am not knocking the work people have done, I am concerned that people with proprietary systems like IOS an Android will make changes which may games built on lite unusable.

2 thoughts  - 1 attach a script a move the containers x/y pixel by pixel in whatever way you want to move it.

2. Not tried this so it's a bit of a guess, instead of moving the character by a number of pixels per frame, change the hotspot, that should give you a level of motion.

my guess is that you have to move the container

General Discussion / Re: Wintermute an engine limited to slow paced games?
« on: November 22, 2016, 04:07:09 PM »

I think it's fair to say that WME was built to enable point and click adventure games, but genius of the core engine is that it is versatile enough to expand it to do a lot more.

As far as cursor control of characters is concerned the mini game Spank the Hero is an example of how you can achieve this

However what you need to be aware of is that although much can be achieved with WME if you are venturing outside of what it does very well, then the onus for the work will be on you. For example if you are looking to have melee or ranged weapons, WME offers very little help by way of physics - so all that side of the work you would have to code yourself.

For my current purposes the product is very suitable, but for the next thing we choose to do we may have to move on

Technical forum / Re: how to stop an actor's animation when music stops?
« on: October 29, 2016, 01:57:14 AM »
"dancing " and "stop dancing" are animation sets - which can form part of an actor definition in the same way that "talk" "walk" and "turn" are.

If you want more on this I suggest you read the section on actors in the documentation that comes with the kit.

The other and perhaps easier way to kill an animation is actor.Reset();

Technical forum / Re: How to update the items.items list
« on: September 24, 2016, 11:35:50 PM »
Just to make sure I have understood you correctly  - that what you are trying to do is to add items to a list within a saved game. The only logical reason I can think for doing this is that you are updating the game and want to allow users access to new items - or have I missed something ?

Irrespective of that looking at your code I personally wouldn't recommend the approach of detaching the game scripts, that seems to me to be a tad risky with not obvious benefit.

I don't believe the item file is a script file as such, it's more akin to data, so attaching/detaching it is probably not going to help.

You may have done this already but if I was trying to focus down on the problem I would be tempted to code something like this.

Code: WME Script
  1. on "event" // some trigger event
  2. {
  3.  var ValidInput = false;
  4. ValidInput =LoadItems("items\NewItems.Items",true); // where NewItems.items is your definition file containing the new items you wish to add
  6. }

When you have initiated the event simply step through the code keeping an eye on the ValidInput var - if it changes to true then your Items file has merged, if not then there is a problem,and I guess then go look at the definition file.

NB I have just tested this in the demo game and it works perfectly well

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