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Technical forum / Re: Trying to display my own window
« on: August 03, 2012, 08:03:10 PM »
Fixed.  And in fact it's actually displaying now.  Maybe I was spelling it wrong all the time for some reason.

Thanks for spotting it, sometimes people tend to overlook something when they kept looking at it for so long.

Technical forum / Re: Trying to display my own window
« on: August 03, 2012, 05:13:15 PM »
game.script --
Code: [Select]
#include "scripts\"
#include "scripts\"

// store some of the game's attributes in global variables for convenience
Keyboard = Game.Keyboard;
Scene = Game.Scene;

// load the right-click menu
global WinMenu = Game.LoadWindow("interface\menu\menu.window");
WinMenu.Visible = false;

// load the "caption" window
var win = Game.LoadWindow("interface\system\caption.window");
global WinCaption = win.GetControl("caption");

global PieMenu = Game.LoadWindow("\interface\menu\pie_menu.window");
PieMenu.Visible = false;

global MenuObject = null;

// load our main actor
actor = Game.LoadActor("actors\Harold\");
Game.MainObject = actor;

// run the "game loop" script

// which scene to load?

on "LeftClick"
PieMenu.Visibile = true;

// what did we click?
var ActObj = Game.ActiveObject;
// else propagate the LeftClick event to a scene

on "RightClick"

on "Keypress"
  // on Esc or F1 key
  if(Keyboard.KeyCode==VK_ESCAPE || Keyboard.KeyCode==VK_F1)
    // load and display the main menu window
    WinCaption.Visible = false;
    var WinMainMenu = Game.LoadWindow("interface\system\mainmenu.window");

on "QuitGame"
  // on Alt+F4 (window close)
  // load and display the quit confirmation window
  WinCaption.Visible = false;
  var WinQuit = Game.LoadWindow("interface\system\quit.window");

  // and if the user selected Yes
    // quit the game
  // otherwise just unload the quit window from memory
  else Game.UnloadObject(WinQuit);

Technical forum / Trying to display my own window
« on: August 02, 2012, 09:01:55 PM »
For some strange reason I can not get a window I created to display at all.  I tried it in game.script, game_loop.script, and scene.script, by setting Visible to true.  It will not show up at all.  I tried modifying the x and y position in the window editor just in case it was showing off screen, and it wasn't.

I *do* know that it *does* load up in game.script -- and will display when the game starts if it's visible flag is true.  But set it to false in game.script, and then try to set it to true in any other script just doesn't work.

What am I doing wrong?

Technical forum / Re: Coming back to WME (well trying)
« on: August 01, 2012, 05:31:21 AM »
I was mostly curious as to how to approach constructing the menu.  Should I make a window in the window editor and then make a static control?  Or maybe just use an entity object (but as I understand it entity objects are placed within a scene and I need to be at absolute screen position).  Another option is creating a multi-frame sprite and switch to the correct frame based on script.  I don't know how to display just a sprite on the screen though.

Technical forum / Coming back to WME (well trying)
« on: July 29, 2012, 11:32:13 PM »
Hello, this is Keith aka Uhfgood.  Lately I've been working on a game demo in Adventure Game Studio, and I have come to some problems, so I decided I want to see if I could recreate the progress I've already made in AGS in other adventure game engines.  Specifically WME here.

My user interface is a bit different than the average interface.  It works on a radial (pie, circular) menu, and NOT on buttons.  That is you don't click on a button to execute an action.  Instead you click to open the pie menu, and then you move your mouse in different directions (different angles) in order to select different options.  Then you click to execute the option the "pointer" is on.  The pointer is simply the mouse angle or line from the center of the menu to the mouse position.  This helps with a couple of things, one being that you can get more options in the same area as normal buttons.  Another being you can move the mouse anywhere on screen and still get the option you want.  If these were buttons you would have to have your mouse cursor over (or on top of) the buttons.  Then in the future I plan to have an "express" mode, where you simply click-drag-release to execute an action without the menu even showing up.  The theory being that the player will eventually get used to the controls enough he/she doesn't even have to look at the menu to get the correct option.

Now again I want to mention that this is not a button based menu, it's based on mouse angle.  I want to re-create this in wme.  So not only would I like to be able to get the mouse angle (which should be easy enough with WME's math functions), I would like to be able to draw a line from the center of the menu to the mouse cursor.  (In case drawing a line on screen is a problem in WME, I'm prepared to fake it with sprite frames).  So I'd like to know what the best way to approach this is?  (I think I could make a few static controls, and then script the interaction in separately -- since this doesn't use traditional buttons just animation frames).

In short I want to do this (click on the image in that post to see a video of the ags version in action)

Please do not assume those options (like look at, talk, get, etc) are buttons, because a button needs a rectangular region, and if you move off of it then you can't execute the option, mine on the other hand only relies on the direction the mouse is in relationship to the menu.  In fact you have to close it without doing anything by clicking on the center, which is known as a dead-zone.

Thanks for your time.

Entries for the drawing are now closed, banner space winners to be announced shortly.

There's only one day left in the drawing.  I won't be hard with the cutoff, If they keep coming in past Friday (pacific time) I will go ahead and wait until the last minute.  So if you have any finished game at all, please submit the screen shot in the post comments.  Thank you.

General Discussion / Re: My game review blog
« on: October 24, 2009, 06:59:16 AM »
Uhfgood's Game Reviews is now, Indie Flux

please update your bookmarks

General Discussion / Re: My game review blog
« on: May 05, 2009, 12:24:29 AM »
Hopefully no one will be annoyed but I just created a contact form on my about page, if anyone wants a game review done be sure to send me a message there.  I will consider if it fits in, and if it's appropriate, so no promises that I will review it, however, this gives a good place to do it so it doesn't get lost in my millions of regular emails.


General Discussion / Re: My game review blog
« on: April 07, 2009, 09:45:38 PM »
Sorry for posting again, i'm not really trying to bump this up for the sake of doing it.  If the mods think that I've done too much please feel free to lock it, but I think this will be the last time.  Except this time I'm not providing links.  I'm just asking that if you guys digg, stumble, use facebook, or twitter, or any other social bookmarking/networking sites, that you recommend, or add, or thumb up or share my website, or particular reviews that you like.  You can find a share/save button at the top of my blog under the header image, or at the end of individual posts (when you click on the title directly or the read more button).  Please digg me, thumb me up, share me, whatever.  I would very much like to get more traffic than just game developers, while although you are all a great bunch of people, I would like to reach a greater audience.  Thanks for your support,


General Discussion / Re: My game review blog
« on: March 24, 2009, 02:57:26 PM »
This is the last time I post to this thread about particular reviews.  Don't want to annoy more than I already have.  I may, however, post a link to the round-up post at the end of this month.

Uhfgood's Review of 5 Magical Amulets

General Discussion / Re: My game review blog
« on: March 13, 2009, 08:07:37 PM »
The newest review is for WME-made Mental Repairs, Inc.  - check it out - Review for Mental Repairs, Inc


ps. If you use stumble upon, please thumb-up my site.

Game announcements / Re: A Stroke of Fate
« on: February 28, 2009, 06:56:18 PM »
I get some little book and these little items in my inventory, now I don't know what to do

To access FAQ section you should press FAQ get the new archive keys and open menu device using small lever near Menu button from the right. Then you can put access key B to the menu device and access FAQ archive.

Piece of cake for adventure gamer  ;D

It's just sort of frustrating when someone is trying to learn about your game, but they have to jump through hoops to do it.  But I guess most people on here are smarter than I am.

Game announcements / Re: A Stroke of Fate
« on: February 28, 2009, 10:30:22 AM »
I was considering getting this to review on my review blog, I was trying to click on the FAQ, so I get some little book and these little items in my inventory, now I don't know what to do, and this is just on the website.  I think I will try something else.

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