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Community bulletin board / New adventure gamer here
« on: February 14, 2008, 09:37:43 PM »
So I just kind of found my way here, but I have a short history with WME.  I can't remember when it was, a couple years ago? Anyway, I tried the engine after having been using AGS for many many years, and couldn't quite get the feel for it.

Skip skip skip ahead, I'm trying again.  I was ready to give up on it yet again last night, but I think that was a bit premature.  I will work harder to understand the engine, and I have started reading the online book.

Again like I said, I'm a five+ year AGS user, so this new engine is pretty alien to me, but that's alright.

My project I've begun is called Police Quest 2, and I'm creating an extended edition with a whole load of changes.  There's probably a link in my sig if you want to give it a look.  I'll be making the game in both engines as a kind of introduction to WME.  If I can figure it out, if it starts to grow on me, I'll probably continue to make games with it.  Catch ya later ^^

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