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Author Topic: Scrolling Animation for Menu  (Read 3291 times)

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Scrolling Animation for Menu
« on: October 26, 2008, 05:00:28 PM »

Hey folks, i am working on a new project (which im going to lend you guys more info later) and im starting by the menu, to know how the software works (im used with AGS) and to learn some more stuff.

Well, I wanna know if any of you can explain me how i make an scrolling background, the layers are like that

2.Background that is a guy looking through a window, a .ong with transparency on the window
3.The dark forest background, that i need to move in loops to give the 'motion' feel.

I'd also like to know how i make it bobs a little sometimes, like when a train changes the rail level or pases up something.

Godspeed dudes.

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