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Author Topic: New migrant here  (Read 5161 times)

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New migrant here
« on: April 16, 2009, 09:59:49 AM »

Hello and I'm happy to have found this place.

I'm a jack of all trades and not really talented in anything in particular, but I still consider myself a 'veteran' in terms of making small freeware amateur games.
In order of preference:
1. 2D Art
2. Composing music
3. Writing stories and script
4. Programming

I'd love to contribute to this community sometime, but I still have deliveries to do from the old one.

This was my fondest project, although it's 2 years old (sorry for plug):

Of course coming from the visual novel community I'm sort of biased towards the anime style.  In any case i came across The Wintermute Engine thanks to discovering the freeware game The White Chamber.

I just upgraded many of my tools so I hope to create a new 'flagship' project for myself -- you won't probably hear from it anymore until it's actually done (in a year or so lol).  I don't expect it to break any boundaries since it's my first time in the adventure game scene, but still I hope I won't totally suck.

I looked at AGS but didn't like the resolution limits, also checked out Visionaire but didn't like the licensing limitations there.  In summary I wanted to do something similar to Playstation 1 era JRPGs but without the combat... just the walking around on top of handdrawn backgrounds, and tinkering with inventory, so an adventure game engine seemed to be the right choice.

Gotta run!

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