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Author Topic: Click and Point game: Keyboard support  (Read 5116 times)

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Click and Point game: Keyboard support
« on: November 23, 2009, 04:02:59 PM »


for Game Accessibility it would be great, when click and point games could be played only by keyboard. For this it would be great to have a standard control for keyboards.
(Of course it should still be configurable by the user)

Maybe we can make one standard together?

* Interactive Elements
* Go to.... (moving)
* Dialogs, break function [space or strg]
* Inventory: information, use, combine, ...
* Questlog

* Change person
* Shortcut change location
* map for orientation with shortcut to locations
* Hints
* Highlight all interactive elements [space]

* [tab] for tabbing throught lists

For every "location" there has to be a "go to".
Otherwise a blind gamer would not know that he can go there.

The different areas can have different background sounds.
This will help to navigate and to know where you are.

See Tim Project for sounds and navigating,
See SoundRTS for keyboard setting

Already used keys:
* Space: dialogue for a break (time to read the subtitle), gameplay: highlight all interactive elements
  (a comment was that Strg is used for break in screenreaders)
* tab: tabbing through something

edit: I hope it is ok, that I do collect all information here.
I think this is a very good place.

Best regards,

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