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Technical forum / Can WME do these things?
« on: September 01, 2007, 05:54:35 AM »
I have been using wme for almost a week and it is really intriguing it looks like this engine can do most things that I would like it to tho I have some concerns

I do not need to know how it is done just,
Can wme:

1. Simulate a fog of war? line/distance of sight covering actors/animations outside of that range.

2. Have animations as: attack, Get hit, die, sleep, and get up, ect.

3. Have actors visually carry/equip items and armor (if so, would this be done via actor.AddAttachment or by animated frames

4. Have items that have: bonuses, penalties

5. Have actors: join team/leave team

I would love to make a rpg like baldurs gate tho a bit smaller in game size. estimating at least 1/2 decade of work and that is with help. :P

BTW what is the max size of background images that WME can handle? 3840x3840+ would be nice

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