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Hi muties,

as it didn't work quite as expected, I've made some corrections myself and thus opening the book for public usage. Note that it's a work in progress as mentioned in older threads.
Find the link here and enjoy. I expect your comments below the articles if any.  ::beer ::beer ::beer

no replies yet ? huh !

I started reading though your book and it whatever is there already look wonderful, I'm certainly going to point new teammates towards it.

Thanks for taking the effort in making it and putting it up and available!

(anxiously waiting until you get to the 2.5D part)


Thanks a lot meta, I'm waiting for the weekend to come to have some free time away from work to enjoy your work!

--- Quote ---(anxiously waiting until you get to the 2.5D part)
--- End quote ---
me 2!!!

i havent had the time for reading much of it but what i have seen so far is really ambitious !
thank  for sharing all this with us !

you rock  O0 ::rock O0

Just found this 20 minutes ago and started reading. Thank you very much, from what I have seen it is very useful for everyone that is serious on getting into Wintermute :)

Bookmarked it!


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