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Wasn't exactly sure which forum to put this in, it's not exactly a game or a demo. Kind of like a simple demonstration really.

Not much to say except that I decided to make an RPG using WME. I know that the engine isn't designed for RPGs, but I still wanted to give it a shot, and so far it seems to be working. It has proved to be quite a challenge, but an enjoyable one nonetheless. The project I'm posting is really me learning how to use WME and understand how it works.

Why am I doing this?

* It's a challenge
* I wanted to do something over winter break
I would post a screeny or something, but I don't think anyone wants to look at my programmer art.
Currently I am using a placeholder combat system that just does simple stat subtraction.

Hopefully I will be able to expand on this and make an enjoyable game.

Latest Version: (r30)
Standalone package: Click Here
Source: Click Here (FileFront)

In German Language I'd say that "WME ist eine Eierlegende Wollmilchsau" . It's a special term for "all-in-one device suitable for every purpose" You can do quite everything with it, because it's very flexible. In game announcments theres a multiplayer-business simulation game done with WME :)

Nice start for your RPG, you're doing it the right way. Keep your stick men and work on the logics, art can always be added afterwards! GOOD LUCK !!!

Thanks for the support. I'll keep truckin' along. :)

A few of us are doing hybrid rpg/adventure games if not outright rpg games and it's always good to see an example of someone's work.  I like the collision detection--it looks like you put a lot of work into that.  Without looking at the source code it was a little difficult for me to tell what the numbers in the upper left hand corner were and the font is a little small but that's minor. I liked the way you changed the pov to have the player facing to the west after encountering the "monster" to the east.  As Spellbreaker said, "Keep up the good work."  The initial art isn't that important as long as you learn WME and get the game play down.  : )

I imagined I was entering the building backwards (eyes are a little backwards--it's OK :  )) so that I could cover my rear.  :  )

Connway, I have a fighter guy and a monster you can borrow (animations) if it would help you fine tune your fighting system and you promise not to use them in a commercial game.  I think it might be hard for you to finesse your system if you don't have the animations. Let me know.  They're 2d not 3d but I think they would help you.  I could also make you a room or two so it's more realistic.


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