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Here is my demo with source code for newbies to WME or scripting for a Word Puzzle. It includes using a particle maker and an overlay.  Overlays are cool.  You just have to remember to check the box that makes an object "interactive" or your overlay will be dead.  : )  How many times I have forgotten this.  In fact, I wish it were the default that the object is interactive.

To open the puzzle layer, tap on the alien.  Wait a short bit for her to open the puzzle layer. I put in a delay.  The layer is opened via her dialogue.

When you are finished and want to know if you got the word right, tap on the circle up top.  It will turn into a mushroom if you're right.  Also, the alien will tell you if you are right if you tap on her again after you close the puzzle layer.

There is a heavy clue at the beginning.  If you're not right, nothing will happen when you tap on the circle up top.   

There is code to reshuffle the letters when you leave the puzzle layer by clicking on the X.  This isn't really necessary, because you can still slide the letters around till you get it right.

If you're not right, tap on her again, she'll open the puzzle again.

This has a first person actor mode.

Thanks to The Derman for the code to slide the letters.  Thanks to Mnemonic for everything else.  :  )
Thanks to Maze for reminding me of X's and Y's through an old post he's probably forgotten.  :  )

I can not load a file. check link please!


--- Quote from: AmneziA on April 01, 2010, 12:02:24 PM ---I can not load a file. check link please!

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The link works fine for me  :-\

I've had over 200 downloads so I think the link is working fine.  :  )  Hope it's helpful.  If there is any problem, let me know and I will tweak something. '

At least one thank you would be appreciated.  :  )

I just checked the link but thanks for sharing the code!   ::thumbup


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