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Hey guys, I've put together a project in WME which allows you to preview effect files on a teapot model. It will be included with future versions or WME DevKit.

Requirements: WME 1.9, Direct3D 9

Usage: Place your fx files into the "effects" subdirectory of the project directory. Run the project from ProjectMan. It displays a teapot model and lets you choose / reload / remove an effect file. You can also change background image (those are loaded from scenes\Room directory, you can add custom png files there).

I included cremen's outline shader (thanks). If you have effect files to share, please post them in this forum and I will bundle them with future versions of this project.

Thank you mnem.

Thank you Mnemonic ::thumbup

When i saw this topic bumped, i thought somebody added more effect files :D


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