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What do you hate about WME?

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Hey guys,

as I continue working on WME2, I was thinking it would be interesting to ask you, the users, what do YOU hate the most about the current version of WME.
Of course, after reading this forum for 7 years and helping you with your problems, I think I have an idea of what the critical points are (and I tried to remove the most glaring ones, naturally), but still, maybe you'll surprise me :) So here it comes:

If you should list 1 to 5 things you hate the most about WME, what would they be?
(be it anything, related to the engine, the tools, the documentation, the website, anything)

I'm looking forward to your insights. Thanks!

Nothing  ;)

I wouldn't call it HATE, but here goes:

WME - engine
1, certain improper script behavior (case as a case in point, nesting I know all of this will be in WME 2).
2, additional layers don't have the same quality as the main layer.

WME - tools
3, lack of features like "region based selection". If I need eg. reposition 20 buttons in the window I need to manually ctrl+click them. I curse a lot :) Also inconsistencies like eg. you can't create a new script in Window Editor as you can in Scene Editor.
4, Lack of 3D, theora and particles integration into Scene Editor. With Julia it's a major pain to position all these theoras manually. It usually is a trial and error process. A lot of hours passed. :)
5, Music and Sound extended features (3d sound, doppler effect, 5.1 or 7.1 sound etc.). I feel limited with the current stereo only. It's sooo 1990. :D

Anyway, thanks for the great work. A lot of stuff I see in Kinjal edition would have been great in main release (windowed - full screen runtime switch etc.), but I guess we have to wait for the WME 2.0. With Julia being the most complicated game I've created so far, I have to say that even by putting WME on big stress-test, it's rock solid engine. That's a great achievment indeed!  ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer ::beer

I hope I don't get banned now, but I still would like a scaling feature as featured in some other ( commercial ) engines ;) e.g. You produce the game in 1024x768 for example, and engine can scale it down to 800x600 . This would need a one-time scaling for the scenes layers, and "realtime scaling" for 3D Objects....

So finally, simply because the user can then select the Resolution he wants / needs ....

My two cents, and the only thing I am currently missing in WME :)

1. I hate that you can't see the red areas of every element in WindowEdit. It would be helpful to see those to prevent overlaps easily, so when you manipulate an area (scaling, moving, whatever) you see where the boundaries of the other elements are. It sucks to manually select every item just to see all of that and then loose the view again once you focus on one element.

2. More possibilities with arrays. I don't remember what I needed it for but there was a situation where I wished to define my own array keys and their values like this: var Array = new Array("mykey" => "myvalue", "secondkey" => "anothervalue");

3. I was meaning to say multi-dimensional arrays might be valuable too, but I don't know how flexible that would be compared to the traditional way of "MyVar.MyProperty" so just treat that as a regular suggestion. I just learned to love it via PHP and that kind of sticks with you as a habit, but I really don't know if its usable / useful for WME at all.

I know there were other things, but it's late and I can't remember right now. So that's just what comes to mind, if I encounter anything actually upsetting again I'll repost ;)


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