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Thank you Mnemonic!


I want to thank you for this engine! I am (an old) CS undergrad at Western Illinois U, and I used the Wintermute Engine for my Senior Honors project. I made a first-person adventure with photographs (Carol Reed/Weekend in Capri rip-off) for graphics. I set it in the CS building at Western and featured quite a few of my instructors in the game. My presentation was yesterday, and it was a hit! A+! I learned much from this project (mostly how not to do my next project!). The thousands of questions I had were already asked and answered by you and the other members of the forum...I believe I only had to post one question of my own. After being fully consumed in the project for 4-12 hours a day for 4 1/2 months, it seems odd to have it over with! Withdrawals. Maybe I'll start a new one soon.

Once again, thanks!

Thank YOU! Glad to hear good ole wme is still being helpful :)

And yes, gamedev is strangely addictive, I know that all too well (working on my own game currently). Good luck with any future projects.


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