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Today I programmed Resolution chooser for packaged game.
As my game uses modular approach and stage 6000x6000px I can use multiple resolutions for game,
but WME by default dont use multiple resolutions so I coded my own version.
Free to use if needed.

Compilded EXE here:
Python script here:

When package game you should exclude startup.settings so this app can change parameters in it.
App should be putted in same folder as and game.exe
Icon and TopImage can be changed in GFX folder.

Good idea, but it doesn't work for me. The text "Success, etc." never appears.

Do you have startup.settings in same folder as resolution chooser?

I'm not exactly sure what you mean with "startup.settings". Are you referring to "settings.exe"? If so, I get the same result when removing it from the folder.

No you should have "startup.settings" excluded from build so it is in same folder with resolution chooser and settings.exe a.c.
There are some properties for compiler with files to exclude from build, check it out.


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