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Hi everyone, this is my first post, I just got the Wintermute Engine today and I'm looking for someone to help make learning it a little easier.
Well let me introduce myself, so everyone knows a bit about me... I'm Tori (though I have many AKAs), I'm  17 I live in Massachusetts in the USA, and I'm a girl in case you don't know.
I would be using 2D actors (and scenes, ect.) and anime/manga style graphics. My goal for game creation is to make a dating sim (or 2). I want to make one where you can either choose to be male or female, and from there choose you who you like best (with the possiblity of male x female, male x male, and female x female couples) or 1 for girls (with female x male and female x female) and 1 for guys (with male x female and male x male) seperatly.
Anyways I'll probably start with something simpler, but for now, I'd really like someone to help teach me, of even another newbie, who will learn via trial and error with me. Thank you fo your time. ;)

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