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Done / Re: 1920x1080 resolution, if it is at all Possible
« on: April 03, 2009, 09:03:23 PM »
Yeah its true, many potential players are left out in the cold, that's the real draw back.  We are thinking about creating a low resolution package-- if I'm not mistaken it's possible to export and import a lot of data between projects so it might take a lot of the work out of it.  (I haven't really looked into this yet so I'm not a 100% about this).

But at the same time, someone who will not be able to play it immediately will probably be able to in the near future when he/she upgrades, or at the very least play it on a friend's monitor.  We are not making a game that rests on special effects and hype to deliver millions of units in the first week of release, if the game is good it will hang around the scene long enough so everyone can play it, I think.  Things move slowly in the adventure game world, so I thought it might be wise to do a little future-proofing with a high resolution.   

Done / Re: 1920x1080 resolution, if it is at all Possible
« on: April 03, 2009, 06:56:42 PM »
Bah!  You're right, I'm sorry.

Done / Re: 1920x1080 resolution, if it is at all Possible
« on: April 03, 2009, 04:03:55 PM »
I don't think it is unreasonable-- many people are moving to full HD computer monitors and we're just trying to stay ahead of the trend (many if not most monitors that come packaged with computers from vendors like gateway and dell have full HD monitors)--not to mention you can just make the game look better when you have more space to work with. 

Mnemonic we do have our test version running at 1280x720, but WME support up to 1600pixels vertically-- why not 1920?  Surely you don't want to limit the developer if he sees fit to create the game in full HD.  It is the current standard for content creation.  Besides we will bear the risk of not being able to distribute to a large audience.

The difference between the current limit and full HD is only 320pixels vertically...I thought that making the small change wouldn't be too difficult.

Done / 1920x1080 resolution, if it is at all Possible
« on: April 03, 2009, 04:00:14 AM »

I know most games developed for WME probably never think about developing for high resolutions and so you didn't include them as options, but the project I am currently working on has a large chunk of its hand-drawn and painted artwork completed in 1920x1080 and one of the goals is to somehow release it at its original resolution.

Would it be possible for you to add this resolution in an update--it might be taxing on some systems, I understand that, but it would be a huge boon for our project!

Thanks for considering!

Feature requests, suggestions / Re: Toon Outline
« on: August 28, 2007, 08:28:39 PM »
This is a good solution for an outline...unfortunately all of my characters will have a lot of transparency in their textures--so I think I might see the second (black) model through these transparent sections.  But perhaps not, I have a lot of experimenting in front of me, thanks for the information.

Technical forum / Re: transparency mapping
« on: August 24, 2007, 07:28:25 PM »
Ah, I never thought about how the stencil shadow was actually done, this makes a lot of sense-- I will certainly use it now, thank you.   As for the other stencil shadow question it's probably a non-issue.  I'm going to experiment with shadow models right now...

BTW this forum is a giant help!

Technical forum / Re: transparency mapping
« on: August 24, 2007, 05:24:10 PM »
Back face culling would really come in handy, but raises more questions:

-Does it make the game run faster/slower when backface culling is enabled?
-Would stencil shadows only cast shadow for the half of the model that is showing?
(even if that was the case I could load a low poly shadow model- but does this make the game run slower?)

The reason I ask these graphical-load questions is because the models I'm using are fairly high-poly (compared to the trinity demo) most will be around 14k triangles.  So I think at most I will have 60-70k displayed at once, which isn't unusual for a modern game but I'm not sure how WME is optimized so I'm trying to keep it as light as possible.

Feature requests, suggestions / Re: Toon Outline
« on: August 24, 2007, 05:03:48 PM »
I don't want cell-shading, just the black outline around real time 3d characters(which Maya considers as separate effects).  Is the black border still considered a shader? 

Feature requests, suggestions / Toon Outline
« on: August 24, 2007, 04:19:05 AM »
It would be really nice if there could be some sort of toon outline option (that's what it's called in Maya anyway-- it's just a black border that surrounds your 3d character, often used in conjunction with cell shades.

When I originally started my project I had thought it was a feature mostly because of this "Fairy tales about Toshechka and Boshechka" screen:

Upon close inspection the characters were rendered from a separate 3d program into sprites...but I was wondering, would this be a very difficult feature to add?

Technical forum / Re: transparency mapping
« on: August 20, 2007, 04:42:23 PM »
Thanks for answering quickly...but does this mean that the texture will reveal its own geometry through the transparency?

Example: If a box has a transparency in its PNG texture file and the front of the box is transparent, will this then just show the inside of the box or the background?  And if it shows the inside of the box is there anyway to override it and show the background instead? or perhaps show an entirely different image?

Technical forum / transparency mapping
« on: August 20, 2007, 03:18:48 AM »
Hi, I was wondering if Wintermute supports transparency mapping on 3d characters? The documentation says it supports transparency but I'm not sure how this is handled by the exporter...maps vs. materials I mean.

(If it does support transparency maps I have a bunch of follow up questions ;D)

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