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Author Topic: In attention of all 2.5D WME-adventure makers.  (Read 3988 times)

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In attention of all 2.5D WME-adventure makers.
« on: December 23, 2006, 09:48:29 PM »

This ideea came to me with the one-room game competition. I wanted to participate but I had no team. Since I missed the oportunity but still developed a story and gameplay mechanics for a one-room adventure, I'd like to make the project. But I need two 3d characters and a pre-rendered scene (complete with the HG file). 

For the characters you could lend me a character of the 2.5D games that you guys are working on yourselves. Look at it as an opportunity to promote your own games. My one-room game using your character can act like a teaser to your own game. I will also not only credit you at the end of the game, but even provide a teaser image of your game and link to your site.
I only need the 3d modell, and it must be a young man. I will animate it myself (or if you want you can provide the animations for your character as they will be in your game). So if anyone making a 2.5D adventure has a young man and wants to offer the modell for my one-room game, please contact me.

For the scene, if you as the leader of a 2.5D game development team, can talk to your modeller to make the scene, I will provide you with a sketch to get the ideea. It's a quite simple scene.

To those interested, I will send the basic script, as well as the sketch of the scene and some info on the character.

10x in advance
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