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Author Topic: Project "Psyche" Seeking Artists, Programmers, Musicians and Designers  (Read 3298 times)

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If this thread does not belong here, I apologize and will delete it immediately.

Hey guys, my friends and I have undertaken a student Game Design Project and are currently looking to increase our team size. The working title is currently Psyche. Psyche is a 3D, 3rd person adventure game for the PC that focuses on the story of three teens who find that through the aid of a mysterious narcotic, they can see into a world of spirits invisible to mortal eyes. They find that the spirits have for some reason gone out of alignment and they must not only realign as many as they can in order to communicate with them, but also find the cause behind the chaos.

Our plans are to have it fully functional by September of 2008. The game will then be released on the Internet for free with the goal of creating exposure and/or raising funds for a more ambitious project. We are going to be posting much of our work in an online forum, as some of our team is not local. If you are interested, I'll add you to the team once you have joined the forum (you will not be able to view the Game Dev boards until I do so). The majority of the group is high school and college students so you will probably feel more comfortable if you fit within that age demographic. However, anyone is welcome to join.

The forum is located here:

Positions Currently Available:

Design Team

(Lead) Concept/Gameplay Designer

(Lead) Level Designer
-Location and Stage Design

(Lead) Writer
-Story, Script Writing, Documentation Writing

Art Team

Art Director

(Lead) Concept Artists/Storyboard Artist

(Lead) 3D Artist/Animator

Programming Team

(Lead) Programmer

Audio Team

Audio Lead

(Lead) Sound Designer
-Sound Effect Design

(Lead) Musicians

Production Team

Executive Producer
Assistant Producer
-Scheduling, Team Coordination, Advertisement, Recruiting

Documentation/Research Personnel

Once again, our forum is located at:

To apply for a Lead position (Art Direction, Programming, Sound, etc.) you must include a list of qualifications.

Looking forward to hearing back from you guys!
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