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Game design / Creating 2D Animations
« on: September 27, 2010, 03:14:27 PM »
Hi there,

I am looking for a good (and cheap because I only want to use legal software and cannot effort expensive tools) tool to create 2D animations (backgrounds, cut scenes and sprites).
I found a few, but I cannot evaluate them all in deep.

So my question is: which one do you use und why?

I found the following tools:
- GIMP (colorization, image processing)
- MyPaint (digital drawing)
- Synfig (2D vector animation tool, seems hard to handle)
- Pencil (2D Animation programm, outdated)
- Paint.Net (image processing)
- Inkscape (Vektor graphics (but no animation))

Some of the best tools (but very expensive) seem to be:
- Toonboom (2D animation)
- Anime Studio (2D animation)
- Adobe After Effects (2D cutscenes)

Some hints?

Technical forum / Question about Features
« on: September 21, 2010, 08:17:37 AM »
Hi All,

first I want to thank the makers of Wintermute for that nice piece of software. Good job.

At the moment I am evaluating the wintermute engine and I am not sure about a few features I want to use, but don't know if this is possible with the wintermute engine. So it would be nice if an experienced user could give me short feedback on that (what is the starting point for that (scripting, inbuild etc.)):

Feature 1.
I want to use 2d actors (comic style). When the actor goes from front of a scene to the deep back of a scene, could the engine automatically scale the actor to become very small depending on how "deep" the sceen is?
Some sceens show rooms (no scaling necessary) some could show a wide field (actor can go deep into the sceens background, scaling important)

Feature 2.
Zooming the sceen a little. To get focus on a special action i want temporarily zoom the sceen (zoom background and all objects smoothly) for just a few percent. Is that possible?
A sample of what I mean can be seen at
(watch position 1:39)

Feature 3.
Cut scenes overblended on the scene as animated comic strips. hard to explain, but watch this video:
(watch positions: 1:30 and 3:35)
Is it possible to show such animated overlays?

Feature 4.
Play videos as animation on a part of the scene background to animate the sceen permanent (e.g. an animated  waterfall) or to animate randomly some parts of the scene (e.g. a car which drives through the scene or a bird which flies through the scene)
Is that possible?

Thanx in advance

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