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Title: looking for artists
Post by: Dionysius on March 08, 2006, 10:05:02 AM
I need for artist which can make backgrounds. I use WinterMute Engine for creating my adventure game. It is non-commercial. About the game:

Main actor: Alexander Bogolyubov, the student of an archaeologic institute.

At the institute where Alex is being taught came the famous professor of
archaeology Yanush Karich, who read about the African tribe, Sangvala. The
Sangvala people in his opinion, lived back-to-back with the dinosaurs and
even tamed them. Alex had a very large interest in this topic. Where
exploration takes place, businessman-zoologist Arno Hashnell decided to
create a park-reserve for tourists. Hashnell's family live in England.
Professor and Alex went there to convince Arno to allow them do the

Here is a part of the scenario:

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