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Post by: Heriberto Valle on March 24, 2008, 06:55:43 PM

Good day everyone!

We at Fly studio games are creating a independently funded adventure game: "Shades of Violet: The incredible adventures of Violet Vendetta". Since the game has grown from a small, independently created game into professional fare (we will attempt to pitch the game with a small publisher or go into internet retail model when done), we are searching for people that would like to help create a great videogame both for fun and/or profit.

We are searching for positions both paid and voluntary. And also for help (you will be credited, and maybe we can do something back for you) and voluntary tutoring in the following:

- ANYONE with 2.5 D experience with Winterminute Engine ( or experience with creation and implementation of 3d models in the .x format for videogames. We have a programmer dedicated to the game, but he's got his hands full and has not been able to properly research .X model functions and in-game implementation. We can't really pay you for this as we just need anyone that could share the experience, but we can full-credit and maybe even produce some art or assets for you in exchange.

- 3d Low poly modeller to create game models compatible with Winterminute Engine. Must provide neatly unfolded UV's and rig for texturing and animation. We would love to help you with portafolio and promotion or arrange for payments after revising portafolio. Our current modeler works in XSI softimage for game models and I work with 3ds Max for cinematics and other assets. ANY 3d program that can produce .x Models is acceptable, so don't be shy.

- Background colorist. Good experience with photoshop/painter and digital art. We will provide background lineart for you to work on. Must paint with vibrant colors and be creative to the bone. Apply both for portafolio work or payment after portafolio Revision.

If anybody else thinks they can help us with technical assistance, you are sure welcome to do so and you will be fully credited.

For paid positions, please be aware that the game is self-funded and we will not be able to pay industry rates. Please apply if you desire to add game development assets to your portafolio while getting a bit in return. And please pass the word to everyone you know that would like to lend a hand in creating a great adventure game.

Details on the project will be disclosed in possible arrangements, but if you're curious just send a mail or ask here. Please direct all proposals or inquiries to (please send and email or add me to your contact list. If you can do both that'll be great!).

If you're curious: we have currently the following persons working on the videogame project in Fly Studio Games:

Heriberto Valle:
Project leader and game designer. Writer. Character designer, odds and ends.

Joshua Pfeiffer (Of Vernian Process)

Alfonso Parra:
Main game Programmer.

Diego Suarez Peredo B.
3d modeller for characters.

Ricardo Garcia:
Background artist (lineart)

Gabriel Benitez:
Works on adapting a young adult novel serial of the Videogame.

Laura Michel:
Proofreader and quality assurance.
Post by: mylesblasonato on August 13, 2008, 02:05:03 AM
Hey guys we are also looking for Animators and UV Unwrappers. We can negotiate your cost after you reply to the ad. Of course you can PM me or send your emails to mylesblasonato988 *AT*, with rigger job as the subject.

Cheers ::beer
Myles Blasonato.