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Title: CBE is searching an experienced 3D Animator
Post by: metamorphium on May 02, 2008, 05:02:52 PM
Hi folks,

The team behind recently released WME adventure game "Ghost in the Sheet" is now working on securing funding for two new titles. Both will be 2 1.2D adventure games. We're currently looking for someone who'd contribute as a 3d / environment animator for our technology demos. If the funding is secured, we can provide a per animation paid position for the course of the development.

As both projects are (more or less) secret, please PM me with the details about your work and we will in turn provide you with some additional informations.

We're convinced that with our experience of bringing a game to the market in 8 localizations, we're more than capable to handle bigger project and as we are already deep in the technology demos progress, we'd appreciate enthusiastic person skilled with animation on board.

Thanks and let me know,

Cardboard Box Entertainment