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Title: Wme and story help looking for...
Post by: tyk on December 22, 2008, 03:09:58 PM
( (

I'm working on small games
it will be just a room for now
so im sure i can finish it

i'd like a myst style kind of game
as u can see from the pic that the first render... it's not finished yet
but u can have an idea how it is gonna look

I already have some game ideas and i should be able to make it with wme
but i'd love if someone could help me
to make good puzzle and item etc etc
or even help with wme

let me know
Title: Re: Wme and story help looking for...
Post by: Catacomber on December 22, 2008, 10:21:10 PM
While I'm busy with my own game and wme and the holidays and too many things, I thought of something while looking at your picture--there's a theme of violence and partying--the girl with the gun--the wall painting.  So, even though it's been done many times, you could have this as the room (college dormroom say) of a guy or gal who is a murderer--not the victim -- but the murderer and he/she has asked you to find something hidden there that will totally convict him/her of the crime and your mission is to find it and destroy it.  The guy/gal is being held under suspicion. They can't do it on their own.  And then you have to make the decision to destroy it if you find it or not--be good or evil---and that gives your little room 2 possible outcomes for replay value.
: )

I was looking up a spanish town zamora on the internet and found this: which led me to think about your picture.  That's the only contribution I can make.  Good luck, I hope you will have more useful contributors.  :  )
Title: Re: Wme and story help looking for...
Post by: Catacomber on December 23, 2008, 04:48:07 PM
tyk--your graphics are really nice--when you say you need help with items you don't mean drawing them--you mean coding them?  You can get help in the forum in Technical section--just ask-- and in the WME book online: 

One of my favorite types of puzzles is having to click on more than one spot to have another spot do something.  If you need some code for that I can help you. I'll be online off and on the next few days because of the holidays but I'll be around sometime then if you want to talk about some puzzles.  :  )  Keep in mind I'm a newbie and cannot give you as much coding help as you might need and my time is limited but if I can help you I will be happy to.