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Title: Game designers wanted
Post by: Rahakasvi on September 07, 2009, 09:12:55 PM

My name is Pauli Suuraho. I'm developing new tool for creating 3D adventure games, called Dage.
The tool is in the stage where it needs a full quality demo game that will show the world what Dage is all about.

I'm gathering a team to create small 10-20 room adventure game. The game will be traditional point and click style game in 3D. I'm especially interested in story, character and puzzle design. I will be project leader and leading tool programmer and scripter. I will call for concept artists and modelers once initial designs has been completed.

Do you have short story ideas in back pocket, you write smooth English dialogue with humor added, you master describing environments, and just love to create interesting characters?

I'm looking for Leading Game Designer and Game Designer.

Leading game designer will have responsibility to design the story, puzzles, characters (included dialogues) and locations (as needed by story).
Required to know how to create sketches also. If you are interested in filling this position, please send your possible design document samples, at least one short story sample, minimum two page dialogue sample with character descriptions in English to address below.

Game designer will have responsibility to write additional dialogues and puzzles and generally help leading game designer.
If you are interested in filling this position, please send your two page dialogue sample between two characters in English to address below.

Note that this is non paid project. The game will be published as freeware, but closed source. If we get the right people and the team will work well together, the possibility is to create another, commercial game using the engine.

General requirements for both positions:
- Fluent English writing/reading
- Responsibility
- Will to learn new and work in a team.
- Obsession for adventure games is plus ;)
- All the work will be done as remote working, so access to internet is compulsory. We are going to use forums and Microsoft Live Messenger for communication.

Please send an email, where you tell little about yourself, list your past projects and have all needed documents as PDF attachment to pauli.suuraho (รค)
Set the topic to which position you are applying. If you are filling for both positions, please send two separate emails.

The positions will be filled as soon as right candidates are found.

Pauli Suuraho
Developer of Dage