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Help wanted and offered / SAVE Shades of Violet - Need a Programmer
« on: January 25, 2010, 06:25:30 PM »

First off. Thanks in advance for reading this topic.

 Some of you might be familiar with Shades of Violet. I was giving away demos last Austin GDC, The game is Previewed in Adventure gamers, and I posted my bit on the forums too. It is an adventure game (traditional point and click) with a rather unique aesthetic and has heavy focus in plot.

 The game was going to be ready before May this year. Most of it is done actually, and it was getting pretty easy now that the basics had been laid. But here is where our nice story gets ugly.


 After working on this for a year and getting all in it, our once great programmer just decided he wanted to pursue other interests in life. Godspeed to him, but we've been left hanging.

 So, I'm turning here for help. We need a programmer. Here is the lowdown on the game, and what is done. So you see that we're not just a group of hacks. We ARE actually very down the road.

What is the game about:
An episodic Adventure game about the life adventure of two pre-adolescent girls in a steampunk world setting. It is a mix of Comedy and Drama. And we are aiming so that each episode becomes a story arc in a larger storyline. It follows many conventions of Young adult novels, and it is very heavy story-wise.

If you want to get the lowdown on the story and see screenshots, visit this preview link:

Tech specs:
Done with Wintermute engine. If you're familiar with another engine, We are open to suggestions if you want to try something else.
 Realtime 3d models over pre-rendered backgrounds.
 3d models are animated with Biped. And done with 3d Max.
 Backgrounds are pre-rendered.

The game has:
A demo. And all the basic groundwork laid out.
 A very VERY extensive design document. Nothing left unsaid.
 SCRIPT has been completed.
 ALL of the misc. texts like descriptions and tidbits are done.
 16 characters. Only 2 characters left to model, and they're close to done too.
 Of all those characters, most are textured already.
 Characters are animated already.
 All interface done.
 5 backgrounds done. 8 remain.
 Only missing minor concept art. Almost everything else is done.
 Original audio score by Vernian Process.

What do you get for working on this?
A percentage of the eventual Revenue. We're doing this at a cost.
 All credit of course.
What kinda programmer are we looking for?
 ONE THAT IS RESPONSIBLE and has time for this. Please, don't let us bother you. You really have to dedicate a bit of time to this. It's not a difficult game to do, but there's a lot of content.
 One that has some 3d experience and can adapt to the assets we've got. But that's not that much of a problem.

 Again, thanks in advance. If you want to see the design doc, look at the assets, or talk in depth. Please DO contact me at , Things were going very well so far and I have to say right now I'm a bit disheartened. But I'm not going to let that screw the project over. This game is looking VERY pretty and very different. and I wish to find someone who cares about odd games like ours enough to make them. I can promise you this game is worth it.

 Again, thanks.

Help wanted and offered / Re: Imagineer Games is Recruiting!!!!!
« on: April 10, 2009, 12:49:55 AM »
hey myles! you should erase this topic. this art just doesn't look like anything we do as of late!

Game design / Re: How do pros create a design document?
« on: November 15, 2008, 06:11:15 AM »
 A design document must always be tailored to the game. There's no template, and there shoudln't be as every design has it's own quirks, goals and challenges. But if you want to get a good headstart, do head to Al Lowe's page and download his docs. Check out some good information in Gamasutra too.

Technical forum / Re: Illumination and Wierd Animation glitch
« on: November 13, 2008, 05:07:24 AM »
I checked materials and all seems to be in order, wonder what's wrong there. Anyone has ever encountered this problem before?

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