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Hello McCoy, I saw your Sunny demo, it was amazing! It's the very program which showed me what a wonderful thing Wintermute is, by the way.
I'll think about your application. We will see if we need to gather a big scripting team, and hire you if neccessary. Thanks for interest in our fan_gaym! :)


I’m Khaveen, Hybrid Studios’ group leader. Our current project is remaking Space Quest III. Our main ambitions are:

•   Have it with fantastic SVGA graphics (instead of the ancient EGA)

•   Replacing the dated parser interface with a new Point’n’Click interface (as can be found in games such as: Quest for Glory V, Bud Tucker, Legend of Kyrandia, etc)

•   Support it with enhanced MIDI tracks, encoded in high-quality OGG vorbis format, instead of the dated, awkward MIDI format, which lacks support for General MIDI

•   Prime goal – create 3D animated models! This means, characters and objects.

We’ve decided to program the game using Wintermute, therefore, for a well-crafted-remake, we require a skillful programmer (particularly for the arcade scenes).

Those who apply, please contact me at:

Our new site:


(Some screens and sketches below)

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